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Bidets mean safer sex.

There are a wide variety of different options for which you may benefit from using a bidet seat. If you are thinking about buying an attachable bidet toilet seat, then consider that you can use it for more than just going to the bathroom. For example, you can use your attachable bidet toilet seat to help you feel cleaner before and after sexual relations with a partner. Personal hygiene, as you know, plays a very important role in enjoying intimate moments with your partner. It should be obvious that it is a turnoff when body parts have unappealing scents or unclean feelings.

If you do not clean your sexual parts thoroughly before and after you use them, it can actually put you at a risk of developing irritations or infections. There may not be a correlation between a decrease in the risk of STD infection and use of a bidet, but because you can use an attachable bidet toilet seat to clean yourself after sex, you can remove bacterial and other things from your skin, decreasing other infections from occurring. There are a wide variety of different bacteria that can exist during and after sex, and these can create infections and irritations if you are not clean.

E-coli come from fecal matter, and there are other types of bacteria that a romp in the bedroom can introduce to unwanted places. You can transmit these bacteria through any skin content, and so it is important to wash yourself before and after sexual intercourse. This is where an attachable bidet toilet seat can be extremely beneficial for you. It will help you rinse your skin off completely, washing off a lot of this unwanted bacteria so that you are not transmitting it to your partner through sexual or intimate contact or having it transmitted to you by the same way.

Using an attachable bidet toilet seat to create a safer sexual environment is not difficult at all. It is an effective implement for washing, helping you to keep your posterior, genitals and peri-anal areas completely clean. You can use your attachable bidet toilet seat before you enjoy sexual intimacy with a partner as well as after, guaranteeing your cleanliness throughout the experience. If you want to enjoy your sexual experiences, then both you and your partner should be clean and healthy, and a bidet can be extremely helpful in making this possible for both of you.


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