Enema – Four Reasons to Invest in a Bidet Toilet Seat

Cleanliness has to be the number one reason to invest in a bidet toilet seat. You will feel cleaner and you will be cleaner. That is the most basic fact about a bidet. Toilet paper only does an adequate job at removing fecal matter from the rectal area of the body. Moreover, it can smear that matter throughout the genital area as well. For women, that smear can lead to both urinary tract and vaginal infections. Using a warm jet of water to pressure wash your private areas will give you the clean feel you want and the cleanliness you need. Who wants to feel dirty after using the toilet? You can even perform an enema with some of these seats.

Healthy habits are another reason to get a bidet toilet seat. Keeping the hands clean is something that everyone needs to practice. With young children and some older ones, that can be a real challenge. Using an attachable bidet will help with that problem. It will clean the genital and rectal areas without any need to put the hands in those areas. That helps the children keep their hands clean even when using the bathroom. Promoting personal hygiene is a good thing for anyone. The pressure of the water also helps promote bowel movements. That is also a good habit to encourage.

Getting over constipation and hemorrhoids are major reasons to invest in a bidet toilet seat. Some people have ongoing issues with these conditions. Taking certain steps will help alleviate the condition long term. You can use an attachable bidet to handle the short term problem. The warm water will help alleviate the strained muscles and inflammation that both conditions can bring. Using an enema attachment will help loosen the stool when properly used. That will help expel the stool and soothe the area at the same time.

Keep the smells down with a bidet toilet seat. You can get seats that have a built-in carbon filter and deodorizing system. Carbon filters help neutralize most odors effectively. The fan pulls the air out of the toilet bowl through the carbon filter. That makes those malodorous odors go away. Your bathroom air will smell better than it ever has, especially after a major download happens. Even after an effective enema, the carbon filter will take care of the odors. You will have a clean bathroom that even the pickiest guests will love to use.