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Hi, Interested in buying one of the bidet seat (BB-1000 or USPA 6800). I am sure toilet we have is standard 2 pc toilet but want to make sure bidet seat will fit with my toilet before order one.

What exactly do I need to know and what are the reasons that bidet seats don’t fit to certain types of toilets?

Karen DL

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This is probably one of the most asked questions.

Bidet seats are designed to fit most of toilets but only with few exceptions with non-standard toilets.

For toilets compatibility, you only need to know types and size of your toilet and it can be visually identified in most cases In case you are not sure what type of toilet you have, here are how to confirm types and shapes of your toilet.

Toilet Size : Round vs. Elongated

Size of the seat can even be visually identified. Round front is shorter and circular shaped where Elongated is longer with a slightly pointed tip and oval shaped. Round measures 16.5″ from center of the mounting hole to the tip of the toilet seat and elongated measure 18.5″.

Here are some illustrations of measurements and shapes of each sizes:

Toilet Types : 2PC vs. 1PC Toielts

2 PC Toilet is type of toilet that is more standard and widely used in U.S. As you can see in the models below, there is a 90 degree angle between the tank and bowl which is ideal for bidets. It is type of toilet Water Tank and Toilet is separated and often tank is bolted on the the toilet and looks like below:

1PC Toilets are the type of toilets Water Tank and Toilets are connected seamless. Bidet seat need to be placed on top of the toilet and requires “Flat Surface” but some of 1pc toilets has French Curve where water tank connects to the toilet and this is the only type of toilet bidet sat will not fit.

These are 1pc toilets with flat surface which all bidet seats fit same way they fit to standard 2pc toilets.

This is 1pc toilet with French Curve, only kind of toilet bidet seats don’t fit. Bio Bidet offers BL-17, which is specially designed bidet seat to fit such toilets. It has a curved base to accomodate the shape of the toilet. For more information about BL-17, go to product page.

Hope this answered your question. If you have any futher question regarding the toilet compatibility, just post your questions.

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