Bio Bidet | Meet The Team: Mike Robinson


Introducing Mike Robinson.  He's the latest member of the Bio Bidet team and has something important to share:  He has never actually used a bidet.  If you're as surprised as we are, know that Mike has a long few weeks ahead of him as we introduce him to our full product line.  We'll be sharing a follow up video as soon as our bidet rookie is a bit more experienced!

We can all remember the first time we came across a bidet seat, bidet attachment, or even an old school standalone bidet.  As cautious as we were back then, we now have one thing in common:  There's no going back.  Once you've experienced the cleaner alternative to toilet paper, your bathroom, body, and bank account will thank you.  

Good luck, Mike!  We'll be waiting to welcome you to the next generation of clean.


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