Bliss Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat

Bio Bidet is proud to launch our newest Premium Class Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat duo: Bliss BB-1700 and Bliss BB-2000!

These new advanced bidet toilet seats pave the way for a significant lifestyle change with a more user-friendly interface, complete hygiene, and an absolute feeling of total well-being and cleanliness.

With the all-new Hybrid Instant Heating System, the Bliss bidets are unique and are the first of the new Premier Class of electronic bidet toilet seats. We broke free of all previous limitations from instant heating systems and tank-type heating systems to develop the Hybrid system which takes only the best features from both worlds: Truly endless warm water with no shock of cold water, fluctuating temperatures, or capacity constraints.

Other features include:

- Introducing the patent-pending HYDROFLUSH inside-out nozzle cleaning!
- New and improved 3-in-1 nozzle with durable solid stainless steel casing and ingenious feminine wash effect!
- The world's most easily removable nozzle tip for peace of mind that your electronic bidet toilet seat is the highest pinnacle of personal hygiene for yourself and your guests!
- Pleasantly contoured lines and attractive features such as the metallic pearlescent top finish, cool blue night light (BB-2000), and the thinnest and most discreet water hose
you'll ever see on a bidet.

And much more!

This new era of bidet happiness will begin on August 12th, 2013.

Visit us today at for more information and see for yourself how EASY we made it to improve your lifestyle with the touch of a button!