Weekly Update 8.2.2019


Hey guys, Kenny here. I'm here to talk about my first week actually working with the company. I started here and actually didn't know anything about bidets or anything of what they really were other than thinking that it was a full big setup and it was expensive and not many people had it. Well, when I came here I found out really quickly that there are a lot of really affordable bidet options. Within a week I tested out our product and actually bought one of our electric bidets, the Slim One. Fantastic model, has a lot of great features. One of the ones that I was most intrigued about was the fact that it has a sittable lid and heated water as well. As far as cleaning it, I ended up purchasing one of our BioMist cleaners shortly after purchasing the bidet and found out that you can not only use it to perfectly clean your seat, but you can use the BioMist cleaner on just about anything in your house.