Bio Bidet Bottom Line Study: Families Fear Back To School Run on Toilet Paper

Americans Say They’re Concerned About Additional Expense and Admit to Stealing TP

Bio Bidet, the leader in smart bidet seats and bidet attachments, announced the results of its “Bio Bidet Bottom Line Study.” Bio Bidet discovered American families are bracing for an all-out assault on their bathrooms this year due to many children staying home instead of going back to school while their parents are working from home. One in two Americans say their bathroom will see at least five more additional visits with kids and adults at home all day. One in three Americans (32.9%) believe they will see as many as five to 10 extra bathroom visits a day and some expect more than 20 additional visits.

Americans expect toilet paper usage to shoot up. In fact, 99% of Americans say they are using more toilet paper than ever before. With children and parents staying home, 60% of Americans are expecting to use as many as five additional rolls per week. More than a fourth (26%) are expecting to use five to 10 extra rolls per week. Meanwhile, 8% are expecting to use 11 to 15 rolls per week, 3% are planning to use an additional 16 to 20 rolls per week, and a slightly smaller percentage expects to require a whopping 20 extra rolls per week.

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1. Have you tried a bidet?

Yes 32.7%
No 48.4%
What’s a bidet? 18.9%

2. What was the first time like?

Weird 29.1%
I liked it 44.5%
It tickled 6.7%
I felt clean 13.9%
I felt sexy 4.2%
I felt infantilized 0.3%
Other 1.2%

3. Why did you keep on using a bidet after your first time?

I felt cleaner 38.8%
I felt more modern 22.7%
I felt more urbane 11.5%
I felt sexier 11.8%
I didn’t use it after the first time 15.2%

4. If you haven’t used a bidet, what’s your hang-up with bidets?

I just can’t get one 5.3%
It’s too weird for me 11.6%
It’s too French for me 3.5%
It’s too butt-centric for me 4.1%
I would feel gay 2.2%
I would feel pretentious 2.5%
I am afraid of anything touching my butt besides toilet paper 7.1%
I don’t like having a clean bottom 2.5%
I like spending money on toilet paper 4.3%
I like killing trees to make toilet paper 2.7%
I don’t know what to expect 10.6%
I thought they were for Europeans 4.4%
I’m afraid 3.8%
Other 6.9%
Never had the opportunity to try one 43.7%
I have never seen a bidet 15.9%

5. Do you own a bidet?

Yes 22.4%
No 77.6%

6. What type of bidet do you own?

A traditional porcelain fixture 41.2%
A bidet attachment 53.1%
An integrated bidet toilet (electric) 38.9%
A bidet seat (electric) 28.8%
Other 4.0%

7. Does your bidet have a dryer?

Yes 84.5%
No 15.5%

8. How many extra bathroom visits a day has/will happen with kids learning from home and/or the adults working from home?

0-5 50.1%
5-10 32.8%
11-15 11.7%
16-20 2.1%
20+ 3.3%

9. How many more rolls of toilet paper per week do you use/will use with kids learning from home and/or the adults working from home?

1-5 60.0%
5-10 25.8%
11-15 8.0%
16-20 2.9%
20+ 2.6%
None - we have a bidet! 0.8%

10. How much do you spend on toilet paper a week?

$0-$9 47.3%
$10-$19 28.4%
$20-$29 12.6%
$30-$30 6.0%
$40-$49 2.7%
$50+ 3.0%

11. Have you ever had to make an emergency trip to the store for toilet paper?

Yes 47.6%
No 52.4%

12. Did you run out of toilet paper during the recent shortage?

Yes 37.9%
No 62.1%

13. How concerned are you about spending more money on toilet paper because of shortages due to COVID-19?

Very concerned 30.4%
Somewhat concerned 33.5%
Not Concerned 36.1%

14. From where have you stolen toilet paper? Please select all that apply.

Restaurant 10.4%
Convenience store 7.5%
Public rest stops 8.6%
Friends home 9.3%
Department store 9.5%9
Hotel 13.0%
Work 13.2%
Anywhere I can get away with it 2.8%
I have never stolen toilet paper 64.4%

15. What have you done when you ran out of toilet paper while on the toilet?

I used my clothes 10.0%
I used my hands 9.9%
called for help 22.1%
I got off the toilet to find some more 26.4%
I took a shower 18.1%
I used tissue paper 35.6%
Other 5.3%
That’s never happened to me 25.6%

16. Did you consider buying a bidet during the recent toilet paper shortage?

Yes 33.1%
No 66.9%

17. Are you planning to buy a bidet?

Yes, a bidet attachment 18.2%
Yes, a bidet seat (requires outlet) 6.6%
Yes, a traditional bidet (porcelain) 4.7%
Yes, an integrated smart toilet 3.1%
Yes, but not sure what type 8.6%
No 58.8%

18. What bathroom will you install your bidet in? Please select all that apply.

Master Bath 62.7%
Powder Room 22.4%
Guest Bathroom 33.4%
Kids Bathroom 31.5%
Other 2.6%

19. What would be the most important qualities to you when purchasing a bidet?

I want all the bells and whistles 21.9%
I want a dryer 23.6%
I want a seat warmer 26.9%
I want a toilet cleaner 35.1%
I want a cleaner for feminine hygiene 31.3%
I want just a seat attachment 27.6%
I want an integrated toilet 20%
I want a night light 27.6%

20. If you are away from home and you own a bidet, do you find yourself waiting until you get home so you can use the bidet?

Yea 89.3%
No 10.7%

21. If you are a regular bidet user do you find regular toilets unsatisfactory?

Yes 83.9%
No 16.1%

22. Given this choice, would you rather use a bidet or use 1-ply toilet paper?

Use a bidet 80.3%
Use 1-ply toilet paper 19.7%

23. Do you believe water does a better job of cleaning than toilet paper?

Yes 66.7%
No 33.3%

24. What’s your biggest fear about using a bidet?

That it will cause an infection 3.7%
It sprays dirty water 7.1 %
Socially taboo 2.9%
Not getting dried off 20.3%
It will create a mess in the bathroom 11.8%
My children will play with the bidet 6.6%
People will judge me 2.9%
It will not do an effective job cleaning me 15.6%
It will waste water 9.7%
It would feel weird 19.3%

25. What is your biggest hope or goal in using a bidet?

To be more green 10.2%
To be more clean 30.8%
To save the planet 9.2%
To never worry about running out of toilet paper 15.4%
To try something new 14%
To be more responsible 8.5%
Never getting my hands dirty 11.8%

26. What reaction does the idea of you or someone you know using a bidet elicit?

Giggle/humorous 25.8%
Embarrassment 13.9%
Envy 11.3%
Respect 23.2%
Shame 8.5%
Pride 15%
None of the above 40%

27. If you were planning an intimate encounter which would you prefer to use beforehand?

Bidet 51.5%
Toilet 48.5%

28. Are you concerned about any of the following in toilet paper impacting your health?

Ink 15.1%
Scent 24.5%
Rough material 31.6%
Bleach 26.1%
Other 3.6%
None of these 41.5%

29. Are you concerned about the environmental impact of toilet paper?

Yes 54.3%
No 45.7%

30. What do you think the biggest challenge would be in getting your children to use a bidet?

They would think it would be funny 28.7%
It would be messy 27.9%
It would take extra toilet training 19.5%
No challenge: my kids are smart 23.8%

31. What do you think about men who use bidets?

They are smart 9.7%
They care about the environment 10.9%
Personal cleanliness is important to them 23.4%
They don’t worry about the toilet paper shortage 10.7%
They expect their partner to be clean as well 11.5%
They are sensitive, caring people 6.2%
They have great sex 3.2%
They live a lavish lifestyle 9.7%
They drive red cars 3%
They feel sexier 5.8%
They feel less stressed 5.2%
They’re a cat person 2.4%
They’re a dog person 2.8%
They are effeminate 3.4%
They are gay 3.6%
It’s none of my business 49%

32. What do you think about women using bidets?

They care about the environment 14.7%
Personal cleanliness is important to them 26.2%
They don’t worry about the toilet paper shortage 14.9%
They expect men to be clean as well 19.2%
They are sensitive, caring people 17.5%
They have great sex 14.3%
They live a lavish lifestyle 14.3%
They drive red cars 10.1%
They feel sexier 15.5%
They feel less stressed 13.9%
They’re a cat person 7.1%
They’re a dog person 8.9%
It’s none of my business 26.6%

33. What do you think about other women who use bidets?

They are smart 9.5%
They care about the environment 15.9%
Personal cleanliness is important to them 27.6%
They don’t worry about the toilet paper shortage 12.3%
They expect their partner to be clean as well 12.9%
They are sensitive, caring people 7.7%
They have great sex 5.2%
They live a lavish lifestyle 8.7%
They drive red cars 2.8%
They feel sexier 9.3%
They feel less stressed 5%
They’re a cat person 3%
They’re a dog person 2.8%
It’s none of my business 48%

34. What do you think about other men using bidets?

They are smart 20.2%
They care about the environment 13.1%
Personal cleanliness is important to them 17.9%
They don’t worry about the toilet paper shortage 13.7%
They expect women to be clean as well 12.5%
They are sensitive, caring people 11.1%
They have great sex 11.5%
They live a lavish lifestyle 11.5%
They drive red cars 8.5%
They feel sexier 12.5%
They feel less stressed 11.1%
They’re a cat person 8.9%
They’re a dog person 7.5%
They’re effeminate 7.7%
They’re gay 9.5%
It’s none of my business 30%

35. What does using a bidet say about you?

I care about the environment 18.3%
I am a clean person 30.1%
I am worried about the COVID-19
toilet paper shortage 12.6%
I expect my partner to be clean as well 13.7%
I’m OCD 7.2%
I am a sensitive, caring people 11.3%
I have great sex 8.9%
I have a big bathroom 10.7%
I’m a non-smoker 4.1%
I’m vegan 4.4%
I aspire to the lifestyles of the rich and famous 6.8%
I’m cool 9.1%
I’m sexy 8.1%
I’m willing to indulge myself 11.9%
It’s none of anyone’s business 35.5%

36. How much do you plan to spend on your holiday gifts this year?

More than last year 22.3%
The same as last year 53%
Less than last year 24.7%

37. Will a bidet seat or attachment be on your holiday gifts list, or personal shopping list, this year?

Yes, Definitely 23.9%
I am considering it 22%
Not sure 54.1%

38. How much would you be willing to spend on a bidet seat or bidet attachment during the holiday sales?

Under $50 43.7%
$50-$100 31.3%
$100-$200 16.8%
More than $200 8.1%

39. If you were buying a bidet as a holiday gift, who would it most likely be for?

My Wife 14.3%
My husband 8.4%
My father 1.7%
My mother 6.9%
M father-in-law 1.3%
My mother-in-law 2.9%
My boss 2.7%
My employees 3.3%
My neighbor 3.1%
Santa Claus 8.6%
My siblings 4.3%
My children living in the home 5.2%
Myself 37.5%

40. Do you feel the amount of toilet paper you use is worth the amount of money spent?

Yes 69.6%
No 30.4%

41. Which of the following brands manufacture bidets?

Kohler 21.2%
Luxe 13.8%
Bio Bidet 18.9%
Brondell 10.4%
Tushy 12.8%
Toto 14.1%
I don’t know 51.1%

42. How much do you think adding a bidet to your bathroom costs?

Under $50 22.4%
$50-$100 24.9%
$100-$250 24%
$250-$500 16.3%
$500+ 12.5%

43. Do you use your phone while seated on the toilet?

Yes 60.7%
No 39.3%

44. Where do you put your phone when not using it?

Pocket 33.3%
Counter 51.3%
Floor 9.6%
Other 5.7%

45. If you were interested in purchasing a bidet, where would you shop?

Amazon 28.4.1%
Home Depot 23.9%
Lowes 14.6%
Best Buy 5.3%
Target 7.3%
Costco 6.2%
Other 14.3%

46. If you were interested in learning about bidets, where would you research?

Online Reviews 21.4%
Articles 4.3%
Google 45.2%
Youtube 14.8%
Facebook 6.6%
Other 7.7%

47. Where is your 1st choice for reading bidet reviews?

Amazon 37.1%
Home Depot 16.6%
Lowes 10.9%
Best Buy 4.9%
Target 6.8%
Costco 5.1%
Other 18.7%

48. Do you have an outlet within 4 feet of any toilet in your home?

Yes 66.3%
No 33.7%

49. Do you fold or bunch up your toilet paper when wiping?

Fold 67.6%
Bunch 32.4%

50. How clean do you feel after using toilet paper?

Very clean 34.4%
Satisfied 56.3%
Dirty 9.3%

51. Do you have any medical conditions that would be improved by using a bidet as an alternative to toilet paper?

Yes 30.8%
No 69.2%

52. Has a medical professional ever recommended a bidet to you?

Yes 23.9%
No 76.1%

53. Are you comfortable installing plumbing fixtures in your home, or would you rather hire a professional?

Yes! I can do it 42.4%
No! I’ll hire a plumber 57.6%

54. Would you rather purchase bathroom fixtures online or in a store?

Online 29%
In a store 50.5%
Doesn’t matter 20.4%

55. Do you have a round or elongated toilet?

Round 45.5%
Elongated 42.3%
I don’t know 12.2 %

56. Do you sit on your toilet lid?

Yes 53.6%
No 46.4%

57. Would you like to lose your bidet virginity?

Yes 33%
No 67%

58. How do you want your first time to be?

Warm 17.1%
Slow 7.4%
Comfortable 28%
Clean 14.3%
Private 33.3%

59. Do you know someone you would challenge to lose their bidet virginity?

Yes 37%
No 63%

60. Why would you challenge them to lose their bidet virginity?

They need to be cleaner 51.1%
They need to feel sexier 13.7%
They need to feel modern 25.9%
They need more help with dating 9.2%

61. What do you think of bidet virgins?

Unadventurous 10.2%
Uptight 10.8%
Poor 8.1%
Lack of resources 12.6%
I have no opinion of them 58.3%

62. How important is it that your butt is clean?

Very important 72.6%
Somewhat important 17.6%
Not very important 4.1%
Not at all important 5.6%

63. How important is it that your significant other’s butt is clean?

Very important 71.4%
Somewhat important 18.8%
Not very important 4.3%
Not at all important 5.6%