Bidet – An Affordable Luxury

Some people are a little put off by the idea of using a bidet. Having water sprayed into your nether-regions after doing something unmentionable is an admittedly startling experience, at first. But, once you get used to it, you'll wonder how you ever lived without a gentle cleansing with warm water and a warm air dry, making every trip to the restroom as soothing as a mini trip to a day spa.

While traditional bidets are a luxury, they are also admittedly expensive. But the BioBidet is an innovation that makes the latest in personal hygiene accessible, and an affordable luxury.

The BioBidet is an attachable bidet seat that offers much more flexibility and versatility than the more traditional option. It’s far easier to install, since you simply attach it to your existing toilet. It requires far less of a commitment, since it’s just as easy to remove if you decide that you don’t want it. You won’t have to call in a plumber in either case.

And if you invite guests into your home that are uncomfortable using you BioBidet, you can simply turn it off, and it becomes a simple toilet. No other personal fixture of personal hygiene can offer you this many options.

And you won’t be sacrificing quality for versatility, either. The BioBidet has a wide range of features that provide the utmost in hygiene and comfort for you. The 1 Pocket 3 Nozzle System gives you three dedicated nozzles for posterior wash, feminine wash, and a specialty wash.

They can also provide massage and oscillation. There’s also a warm air dry. The seat and cover are heated for your comfort on cold, winter mornings. The Auto Smart Power Saving feature allows the BioBidet to gauge when it’s most often in use, powering down automatically when it’s not in use to save money and energy. And you can get rid of your candles and matches: there’s a deodorizing feature that neutralizes ninety percent of odors.

This powerful little bidet seat has it all.

There’s a lot to recommend the BioBidet, but the clincher for many is how affordable it is. Many people who can’t afford to buy and install a traditional bidet are surprised to find how affordable the BioBidet is. It’s an affordable luxury that you have to have for the sake of you personal hygiene. And for those who are still squeamish at the thought of using one: don’t knock it until you've tried it.

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