Answering Bidet FAQs

The answers to these frequently asked questions should give a better understanding of bidets, how to use them, and what it takes to install them.

Below, you’ll find answers to your Bio Bidet-specific queries as well as general bidet questions about how to choose, install, and use a bidet. And we’ll demystify many of the features that make modern bidet attachments and seats so great.

We want to ensure that you have all the information you need to use a bidet safely and comfortably. If you have more specific questions about compatibility, features, or installation, please contact us!

Bidet Installation Questions

Do you need a plumber to install a bidet?

No. All Bio Bidet products are designed for DIY (Do It Yourself) installation! Check out our Installation page for a closer look at what installation entails.

Need assistance? We’ll walk you through your installation over the phone. Call us at (847) 458-2334 for help.

How do I know if my toilet bowl is round or elongated?

Typically, older toilet bowls are round. The inside of a round toilet bowl is usually about 11 inches in diameter, measuring from side to side.

Most modern toilets have an elongated bowl that’s about two inches longer than it is wide. It's a noticeable difference.

If you're still wondering, you can measure from the two mounting bolts at the seat hinge to the very front of the toilet bowl. That measurement will be about 16 1/2 inches if the bowl is round, and 18 1/2 inches if your bowl is elongated. Check out our compatibility guide for more details.

Does a bidet need electricity?

Some bidet toilet seats require electricity to operate while basic models don't. We offer a full line of products from basic bidet attachments to highly advanced electric bidet toilet seats. Our electric bidet toilet seats are compatible with any standard 120-volt GFCI outlet.

Does a bidet need a dedicated circuit?

We do recommend it, though it isn’t required. You just want to make sure that the load on the existing circuit will support the bidet, otherwise you may experience flickering lights or trip the breaker. We recommend avoiding the installation of a bidet on the same circuit as a high-power-draw appliance, like a washing machine.

How long is the power cord on an electric bidet seat?

Based on the electrical requirements set by UL (a nationally recognized product safety testing company), the power cord for all advanced bidet toilet seats is four feet long. The power cord extends from the center or right side of the seat if you are facing the toilet.

How much electricity does a bidet seat use?

The average consumption will be about 211.70 kWh annually. That amount of power adds up to roughly $16.94 per year on average, though your cost might vary depending on the electricity prices in your area.

Will my Bio Bidet work with a seat riser?

No, electronic bidets will not function with anything on top of the seat other than a person. Due to the digital safety sensor, direct contact must be made between the seat and the user. Also, with three to four inches added on top of the bidet, the user will not be able to get the maximum performance of the water stream.

If you need a higher toilet, we suggest a comfort-height toilet or a device that raises the toilet from the base instead of adding anything to the top. Raising the toilet from the base will not affect the bidet’s functionality in any way.

Using a Bidet

Do bidets really clean you?

Yes! When used correctly, bidets do a better job at cleaning you than toilet paper.

Our engineers have been perfecting Bio Bidet products for more than ten years, conducting extensive research into exactly what it takes to achieve a refreshing clean. If you have any doubts, try pressing the cleanse button again or checking with toilet paper.

How do I know how long to use the bidet spray?

It will vary depending on personal preference, but the average person will need to use a bidet for about 15 to 25 seconds for a thorough clean.

Do I need to use soap when I use a bidet?

No, Bio Bidets have superior water pressure that is highly efficient at cleaning better and quicker. You don’t need to touch your rear at all unless you want to wipe or pat dry. (A bidet with an air-dryer feature can mitigate the need for toilet paper.)

Does bidet water come from the toilet tank?

No. Bidets rely on fresh water tapped from your main water supply.

Can I flush the toilet “normally” with a bidet installed?

Yes, although the water supply for the Bio Bidet and the toilet tank is the same, there is plenty of water for both. You can use the Bio Bidet and flush the toilet at the same time, without any problem whatsoever.

What should I do if I leave home for more than a few days?

If you own one of our bidet toilet seat models, we recommend draining the water if the unit will not be used for a few days. If you have a water tank-type model, shut off the water supply line, and then unplug the power cord.

If you own non-electric models, simply turn off the water supply at the shut-off valve.

Does a bidet hurt?

No, a bidet should never hurt. If your bidet spray water pressure is too high, you can adjust the settings using the remote to pick a gentler clean.

Is there a weight limit for using your bidets?

Yes, bidet seats can hold up to 400 pounds while sittable lids can support up to 200 pounds. Our bidets are stress-tested during production to ensure they can handle the weight of most average users. Bidet attachments can hold the same amount as the seat installed over them.

Can it cure hemorrhoids or constipation?

No, however, a bidet may ease hemorrhoid pain and improve bowel movements if used properly. Using water instead of toilet paper can also reduce irritation caused by wiping.

Does a bidet help with a UTI?

Yes, using a bidet’s front wash setting regularly can help prevent urinary tract infections by flushing out the bacteria that would normally remain after using the restroom. If you already have a UTI, it may help soothe some of the irritation.

All About Bidet Features

How warm will a heated seat be?

The seat temperature is adjustable through a range of 86°F to about 104°F. This makes the toilet seat temperature about the same as your body temperature.

How warm is the warm Air Dryer?

The air produced by bidets with an Air-Dryer or Air-Dry feature is warmed to between 104°F and 140°F. For reference, this is a much lower temperature than a hairdryer.

What is the second nozzle for?

Some Bio Bidet models include a second spray nozzle. These dual nozzle models are designed to clean after a bowel movement as well as after urinating. One nozzle can perform the rear wash while the other handles the front wash.

What do I do if the water pressure is uncomfortable?

Only with serious inflammation or irritation should the water pressure feel a little too intense. In that case, the pressure is easily adjustable from the remote, or simply use the "soft" cleanse button.

How do I clean a Bio Bidet?

A bidet seat is easier to clean than a regular toilet seat because a Bio Bidet is easy to detach. Seats can be removed from the toilet using small, secure latches. Attachments can be removed by removing your toilet seat or you can clean them using a toilet brush or cleaning cloth while they’re installed.

Vortex Water Stream

What is the Vortex Wash water stream and how does it benefit me?

The Vortex Wash water stream is a bidet feature that provides an extra-concentrated stream of water. It’s designed to assist with loosening hardened stool to ease compacted bowel movements.

Will it clean me?

Yes, the Vortex Wash is one of the strongest water streams found on a bidet. The high-pressure wash is extremely efficient at cleaning and offers the benefits of an easily-accessible enema.


Why is my bidet not spraying water?

There are several reasons your bidet may not be spraying.

  • Low water pressure: Your bidet may be indicating an issue with household water pressure! If water pressure is low throughout the house, you likely need to call a plumber.
  • Sediment buildup: If you have hard water, your bidet may suffer from sediment buildup. Run the self-cleaning option or gently clean the nozzle with a damp cloth to clear sediment buildup
  • Leaking: Check for puddles of water around your toilet that could indicate a leaking hose that needs to be tightened or replaced.
  • Electrical malfunction: Check that other electricity-based features on the bidet are functional, such as the heated seat. If they don’t work, your bidet may have an electrical problem.

If none of these fix the issue or your bidet has an electrical problem, contact us for more info at (847) 458-2334 or

What do I do if my bidet nozzle isn’t extending?

Double-check that everything is plugged in and that you’re not sitting in an odd position on the toilet (causing the sensor not to realize you’re there). Gently clean away any hard water buildup that might interfere with extending or retracting the nozzle.

What do I do if my bidet is leaking from the nozzle or hose?

Check all fastening to ensure they’re properly tightened and secure. If you notice any damage to the nozzle or hose, you may need to replace it to prevent the leak.

How do I change the night light light bulb?

The light bulb in our night light should last the life of the bidet, even with constant use, so you shouldn’t need to know how to change the toilet light. If the bulb does burn out early, contact customer service for assistance.

Customer Service

How long does it take to deliver a Bio Bidet?

We process and ship most orders within one business day. Orders should arrive in 2-5 days.

I see Bio Bidet offers multiple-year warranties. What’s covered under warranty?

The Bio Bidet warranty covers parts, labor, and return shipping.


If we haven’t answered your question here, feel free to reach out to us for more information! Call (847) 458-2334 or email with your bidet questions.

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