Japanese Toilets

Bidet attachment in bathroom

If you have ever been to Japan – or perhaps a fancy Japanese restaurant – there’s a good chance you noticed toilets there that squirt a stream of water. What many think of as Japanese-style toilets are actually bidet toilets or bidet toilet seats. And if you think it would be nice to have one of these high-tech Japanese toilets in your home, then you’ve come to the right place.

Brief History of the Bidet

Bidets were first seen in France in the 17th century as standalone washers. However, they were located in the bedroom, not the bathroom. It was not until advancements in plumbing and the invention of the modern American toilet that Japan began to combine toilets with bidet technology.
Bidets became so popular in Japan that now over 80% of homes have one installed, according to NPR.

Today, consumers have several options when shopping for Japanese toilets.

You Have Options

Japanese Bidet Toilet

Japanese bidet toilets are smart toilets that feature a stream of water to cleanse oneself. Japanese bidet toilets are typically more expensive than other bidet options, but they are also the most comfortable. Some models, like our Prodigy Smart Toilet, feature a warm water setting, a self-rising toilet seat, and a comfortable warm air-dryer.
Prodigy Smart Toilet

Japanese Toilet Seats

If you want a Japanese-style toilet for less, rather than swapping out your entire toilet, you can simply upgrade to a Japanese toilet seat. Easy to install, bidet seats are often equipped with cutting-edge features like hot and cold water settings, night lights, and a variety of user settings, depending upon the user and their needs.
Bio Bidet Japanese Toilet Seat

Japanese Toilet Attachments

Japanese toilet attachments attach to the toilet underneath the toilet seat. They are non-electric and only require a water source to operate. They are just like our bidet attachments and offer an even more affordable option for people looking at purchasing a bidet.  These Japanese toilet-style attachments are a perfect low-cost option for anyone who is hesitant to spend the money on a more advanced electric bidet (like the full-toilet and toilet seat bidets).
Bio Bidet Slim Edge Seat Attachment

Install a Japanese-style Toilet in Your Home

We hope this resource has made you a more informed shopper. Browse our bidet toilets, bidet seats, and bidet attachments. We’re confident you’ll find one that will greatly improve your at-home bathroom experience and save you tons of money on toilet paper. If you have any questions, use the chat feature here on our website or send us a message on social media. We’re on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.