Why Use a Bidet?

 We’ve found that people often have opinions about bidets before they’ve had the chance to give one a try. To make the decision easier, we’ve put together our top reasons to get a bidet and addressed some of the most common questions customers have about them.

Six Reasons to Use a Bidet

1. Bidets support good health.

Bidets are less irritating than toilet paper and more sanitary, but there are further benefits for specific medical needs. For chronic health conditions like constipation or hemorrhoids, a bidet offers a notable degree of relief. Certain bidet models offer a strong enough spray to act as an enema, which can reduce the pain and discomfort of constipation. For hemorrhoid sufferers, the soft touch of water is far preferable to the abrasion of toilet paper. Added features like warm water and a warm Air-Dryer offer additional relief.

2. Bidets add daily luxury.

Taking a trip to a bidet-equipped bathroom is like a short visit to the spa. It’s pleasant and enjoyable and makes for the ultimate bathroom upgrade.

3. Using a bidet means fewer clogged toilets.

 Bidet owners use 75% less toilet paper, which means they reduce the chances of the dreaded clogged toilet. That’s especially good news for homeowners who have a septic tank; less toilet paper means longer intervals between maintenance calls!

4. Bidets are affordable.

Bidet attachments and bidet seats are easy to install, don’t take up more space than a traditional toilet, and are available starting at just $59. Bidet attachments and seats turn your existing toilet into a modern, comfortable, money-saving throne!

5. Enjoy A Comfortable, Warm Seat

Modern bidets offer several features to suit your unique needs. Stay comfortable all winter long with the heated toilet seat feature available on certain models. Keep your bathroom visits quiet with automatically rising and lowering lids! Several features take care of those nagging little things that drive us all crazy.

6. Bidets Are Cool.

It’s fascinating to bring this type of technology into a room where we all spend plenty of time each day. For many bidet owners, their initial purchase may have been driven by a single need, but it’s the numerous benefits they enjoy that have made bidet fans fall in love with their trips to the bathroom! 


Bidet Questions We Get All the Time

Are bidets sanitary?

Yes! When it comes to getting yourself clean, toilet paper just doesn’t cut it. There’s a reason we take showers; water does a far better job of getting us clean than wiping ourselves with a dry piece of paper ever could.  We have a whole post dedicated to explaining the sanitary advantages of a bidet.

How much does a bidet cost?

Compared to the ongoing expense of toilet paper, not that much! Toilet paper is usually ten dollars or more per pack. One study found that the average American spends more than $11,000 on toilet paper in their lifetime. When a basic $60 to $100 bidet attachment costs less than your annual toilet paper budget, it simply makes financial sense to invest in a smarter technology.

Are bidets environmentally friendly?

Absolutely. Americans use more than 36 billion rolls of toilet paper per year. Processing that much TP wastes 473 billion gallons of water and requires roughly 15 million trees. Using a bidet saves water, maintains forests, and could play a vital role in fighting climate

Can kids use bidets?

You bet! Teaching youngsters the importance of personal hygiene prepares them for life and keeps the whole family healthy.

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