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How to Use a Bidet

While the presence of a bidet is commonplace in many countries, those in the United States are often caught unawares by this type of inclusion in the restroom. The bidet is a very common feature in many foreign countries, so you’re most likely to encounter one while travelling. However, you may also find bidets in the U.S. This hygienic restroom feature is gaining popularity for a variety of reasons. The bidet makes it easier to clean up after using the restroom. It is ideal for individuals who have difficulty with dexterity or balance, but it can be used and appreciated by anyone.

If you’re using a bidet for the first time, there are some things you should understand about its construction and function. First, you should know that there are many different types of bidets. Understanding how to use bidet facilities requires a bit of flexibility as each bidet may look different. All bidet toilet seats will use a stream of water to help you clean your genitals after using the restroom. Many have controls that will allow you to adjust the water temperature. Look for these controls before you turn the bidet on. Begin with hot water and let it warm up before turning the cold on to reach a lukewarm temperature.

How to use electric bidet seats:

  • Be sure to activate seat sensor
  • Ativate Wash button with Pulsating feature ( if applicable) to stimulate rectum for easy bowel movement.
  • Activate Wash button with wide clean when ready to use bidet
  • Remember, optimal use is about 20 to 30 sec. per usage
  • Activate Dry for about 30 sec.

When the water temperature is comfortable, you can adjust the pressure of the stream until you have a spray that is between six and eight inches high. Make sure the spray of the bidet water does not spill over the rim of the basin. The size of the bidet will help you determine the appropriate stream of water. Once you’ve adjusted the temperature and height of the water, you can sit on the bidet and allow the water stream to clean your genitals as needed. You may need to adjust the water pressure as you’re sitting on the bidet to get the ideal level of cleanliness.

When you’re finished using the bidet, you can dry yourself off with tissue. Some models will include an air dryer for this purpose. In public restrooms, you may find a towel located near the bidet. This is not intended for drying your genitals but should be used to dry hands only. Unless the bidet is attached directly to the toilet, you should not try to flush tissue down it. Fecal matter and urine do not belong in a stand-alone bidet, either. The drain is more like a sink than a toilet. It is important to be mindful of this difference or you could clog the facilities.

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