How Do You Use a Bidet?

Bidet in a clean and beautiful bathroom

Fewer than 12% of Americans have access to a bidet at home or work – no wonder so many of us aren’t sure how to use one! Luckily, today’s bidet seats and attachments are easy to use and intuitively designed to deliver a thorough clean – and a splash of comfort– with every use. 

If you’re using a bidet for the first time, check out our top bidet tips and head to the bathroom with confidence.

What Is a Bidet Used For?

A bidet is the most effective option for cleaning up after using the restroom. When you’re ready, a dedicated nozzle sprays clean, concentrated water to wash away any remnants left on your backside.

Bidets are an eco-friendly and hygienic alternative to toilet paper, and they’re quickly gaining popularity in the US.

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How to Properly Use a Bidet

First, it’s important to know there are four main types of bidets. While there are notable differences between bidet types, models, manufacturers, and styles, the core premise remains the same: You’ll control a spray of water via a remote control or nozzle.

Some models have additional features, such as heated seats or adjustable water pressure. Walk before you run; start with getting clean, then experiment with these nifty extras!

Our bidet toilets combine the functions of a bidet and a toilet in one. On the other hand, our bidet toilet seats and bidet attachments incorporate add-on bidet features to a traditional toilet. Finally, bidet sprayers are usually mounted on the side of the toilet, not unlike detachable showerheads.

How to Use Electric Bidet Seats

Electric bidets will have a dedicated cable running to the nearest outlet – but you may have to look closely if the cord has been run along the wall. Another tell-tale sign of an electric bidet is the control mechanism; only electric bidets have remote controls.

  1. Locate the controls – this will be a small panel to the right of your toilet, or a remote control stored nearby.

  2. Be sure to activate the seat sensor with skin contact; you’ll just need to sit down.

  3. Activate a wash function when ready to use the bidet sprayer – while icons vary slightly, most buttons that activate the sprayer nozzle will look like a stream of water.

  4. Spray for 20-30 seconds or until you feel clean.

  5. Activate the air dryer for about 30 seconds, if applicable. This icon usually looks like a fan!

  6. Congratulations! Now, get on with your day!

How to Use a Non-Electric Bidet

  1. Locate the control panel or knob on the right-hand side of the toilet.
  2. When you’re ready to activate the spray, slowly turn the dial or knob to gently start the sprayer.
  3. Adjust yourself to direct the spray – it’s good to shimmy a bit!
  4. When you’re clean, dial the water back to off.
  5. Use a small amount of toilet paper to dry off – or go full eco-mode with a super-soft bidet towel.

 How to Use a Bidet Sprayer (Without Making a Mess)

Hand-held bidets, like our Pearl A1 bidet sprayer, are an easy and accessible way to utilize an adjustable water stream without having to add hardware directly to your toilet.

Here's how to use a bidet sprayer without soaking your socks!

  1. Grab the head of the bidet sprayer off the wall or side of the toilet. 
  2. Place the nozzle of the sprayer near your undercarriage, about 1-2 inches away from your target. 
  3. Carefully open the nozzle. This usually requires twisting a dial or pushing a lever, depending on the model.
  4. The water pressure should steadily increase as you open the nozzle. Once you reach a comfortable stream, focus on cleaning up! 
  5. Slowly close the nozzle until the water stops completely. 
  6. Replace the handle back on the wall. 
  7. Use a small amount of toilet paper or a towel to dry off.
  8. Enjoy that fresh and clean feeling! 

How Long Should You Use a Bidet Per Bathroom Break?

Everyone is different, and every pitstop takes on a little different character. Most bidet owners use the bidet function for less than a minute per spray but use it as long as it takes for you to feel clean!

How to Use a Bidet “Effectively”

Proper bidet use means you’re clean and confident when you walk out of the bathroom. Clean comes first, so take your time getting comfortable with the controls. Don’t be afraid to shift your position on the seat to direct the stream where it needs to go and check your work with a piece of toilet paper, if necessary. Finally, get yourself dry with either a dedicated bidet towel or a small amount of TP.

What Does a Bidet Feel Like?

If it’s your first time using a bidet, don’t worry. Bidets feel like focused shower sprayers. We’ve had customers compare them to a squirt gun. The adjustable water pressure makes it easy to personalize your bidet experience and make it comfortable, every time!

No Matter How You Use a Bidet, Make It a Bio Bidet!

Find the perfect bidet for you from our wide selection of bidet seats, attachments, and toilets. We design our products to provide a simple and accessible user experience to add a daily splash of luxury to your bathroom pitstops. Take the Bidet Quiz or look at our side-by-side comparison guide and bring the right bidet home today.

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