Our Bidet Buying Guide: Find Your Dream Bidet in 60 Seconds

Our bidet buying guide can help you narrow down your options and find the type of bidet you’re looking for with all the features you need. Using this simple 60-second guide, you’ll determine which is the right Bio Bidet by Bemis model for your home and budget.

This buyer guide includes both bidet attachments and bidet seats. It will also help you consider whether you’ll need an electric outlet near the toilet, as well as prioritize which features are most important to you. If you have questions about any of our models or features, be sure to contact us!

Now, start the clock and get started!

0:60 Electric Bidet or Mechanical Bidet?

Electric models provide a heated water jet and heated seat features. Therefore, electric bidet models require a GFCI outlet near your toilet for the power supply. Installation is relatively identical among all offered models and relatively straightforward. All functions are regulated by a built-in printed circuit board, or PCB, with multi-safety features. Electric models offer more features and are considered more luxurious.

Mechanical models are water pressure-driven bidets with basic washing functions only. Without a power source, mechanical bidets lack certain features such as massage, wide clean, aerated stream, a heated seat, warm air, and deodorizer. Keep scrolling down to “Mechanical” if this is the model you are interested in.

If you prefer electric models with advanced technologies:

0:50 Electric Bidet by Price.

Bio Bidet Advanced Bidet Toilet Seats range from $399 to $699.

$699.00: Bliss BB-2000, 1700

Hybrid heating, stainless nozzle, Hydro-flush cleaning, U-Pick wireless remote, massage, wide clean, improved feminine wash, deodorizer, heated seat, warm air dry, auto wash, and more!

$499.00: BB-1000 and USPA 6800

Wireless remote, massage, deodorizer, heated seat, warm air dry, dual nozzle (USPA), 3-in-1 nozzle (BB-1000), patented enema wash (BB-1000), IIP- Intensive impulse pulsation (USPA), and more.

$449.00: BB-800

Convenient side panel, massage, heated seat, warm air dry, 3-in-1 nozzle with Turbo wash.

$399.00: BB-600

Convenient side panel, massage, heated seat, warm air dry, and more.

0:40 Remote or Side Panel?

Wireless remote controls can be used as handheld or wall-mounted on either side you prefer. Remote-type models are also equipped with a simple side panel on the unit. Remotes are also a great feature for enhancing accessibility for those with limited mobility or in small bathrooms with limited space to move.

In contrast to wireless remote-type models, side panel models come with a fixed side control panel directly attached to the seat on the right-hand side of the user. This type of bidet is more popular in households with children since they cannot misplace or damage the remote control.

Wireless Remote : BB-2000, BB-1000, USPA 6800

Side Panel : BB-1700, BB-800, BB-600

0:30 On-demand or Water Tank Heating?

On-demand heating is instant water heating technology that provides an unlimited warm water supply.

Water tank-type heating constantly heats water at a set temperature but does not heat the water while it is in use. The water tank provides enough warm water for 40 to 60 seconds per usage, which is plenty for normal use.

On-Demand Heating: BB-2000, BB-1700

Water Tank Heating : BB-1000, USPA 6800, BB-800, BB-600

0:20 Elongated or Round Seat?

Elongated seats are oval-shaped seats that are about 2” longer than a round bowl and are often found to be more comfortable due to the added sitting room. The elongated bowl size is typically 18 ½” long from the center of the mounting bolts to the very front of the toilet. Elongated toilet bowls are more popular in larger, more spacious bathrooms where the toilet bowl size won’t get in the way of doors, drawers, or cabinets.

In small bathrooms, a round bowl can save space. Round bowls typically measure 16 ½” long. The shorter size of round bowls also makes them a good fit for children. If you want more info on toilet dimensions, check out our blog.

0:10 Bidet Compatibility

Bio Bidet seats are designed to fit all standard two-piece toilets and most one-piece toilets. However, there are a few unusual toilets that Bio Bidet seats might not fit, such as the rare Lowboy one-piece toilets with French curves, where the toilet tank connects to the base of the toilet. If you are unsure if your toilet is compatible, check out our easy to use compatibility guide.

If you prefer mechanical bidets with basic functions:

0:50 Bidet Seat or Bidet Attachment?

Bidet seat models come with a complete seat assembly that replace your existing toilet seat and lid.

Bidet seats will convert your toilet into a bidet toilet in minutes. The seat and lid are hydraulic for soft closing and made of fire-retardant ABS resin.

Bidet attachments are bidet units that mount between your existing toilet and toilet seat.

A side control panel is placed on the right side of the user to operate the attached nozzle, which extracts for washing only when in use. Nozzles are normally hidden behind splash guards when not in use.

Bidet Attachment: BB-70, Elite3

0:40 Ambient or Warm Water?

Ambient water bidets only require a cold-water connection directly from the freshwater line already connected to your toilet. The first 10 to 15 seconds of the water spray will be from the water pipes inside of your hose, so it will likely be room temperature and then gradually cool to the outside temperature. The water spray is a fine mist and it won’t feel as cold as the actual water temperature, even in cold climate areas.

Warm water bidets require both hot and cold water connections. The hot water connection often comes from the hot water shut-off valve, which is usually located under the bathroom sink. The water source must be on the same side of the bathroom as the toilet. Bidets that offer warm water come with the cold-water bypass feature to drain out remaining water inside of the hot water pipe to avoid getting sprayed by idle cold water.

As a general rule, non-electric bidets will require connection to a hot water source to provide warm water. Electric bidets can heat water themselves.

Ambient Water: BB-70, Elite 3

Warm Water: BB-270

0:20 Single or Dual Nozzle?

Single nozzle models are designed for posterior wash (also known as the family wash) and are easy to operate with a single pressure control knob. The pressure control knob comes with a positive stepping control knob, or PSPC, for easier operation.

Dual nozzles offer cleaning options for posterior and feminine wash with a self-cleansing feature. An extra control knob is placed on the control panel for nozzle selection and self-cleaning. Simply turn the top knob to select between posterior or feminine wash before turning the bidet on by increasing the water pressure.

Single Nozzle: BB-70

Dual Nozzle: BB-270, Elite3

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