Bidet – Convenience and Cleanliness

BioBidet is an immense improvement on the already popular trend in personal hygiene. Bidets are fast gaining popularity as a household item, and, now, it’s easier than ever to get one of your own. Bidets use the purifying power of warm water to cleanse and soothe you. But it can be costly and tedious to try and have one installed in your home.

Fortunately, there’s an easier solution to this dilemma. Instead of replacing your entire toilet with a different piece, you can keep your existing toilet and simply replace the seat. The BioBidet is a bidet that’s located in a toilet seat.

BioBidet’s convenient design means that you don’t have to tackle the unsavory task of replacing your toilet. Installing it is easy; you won’t have to waste money on hiring someone to do it for you. You can simply make your purchase and install it yourself.

There’s never been a more convenient solution for turning your ordinary, existing home toilet into a state-of-the art bidet. And BioBidet is designed to fit a variety of toilet types, so you don’t have to worry that it won’t fit your toilet. It’s easy to turn your toilet into a wonder of personal hygiene.

And you don’t have to sacrifice quality for convenience, either. BioBidet may not be an entire fixture unto itself, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't feature the latest in personal hygiene technology. BioBidet actually boasts a wide range of features that is competitive with standard bidets.

The 1 Pocket, 3 Nozzles features three dedicated nozzles for posterior wash, feminine wash, and a specialized wash. Some BioBidet's feature a warm air dry as well as a wash. The most advanced models include the Smart Power Saving Function, which is designed to calculate when the bidet is used the most frequently during the day, and turns off when not in use, leading to maximum energy savings.

And the BioBidet does more than just cleanse. It deodorizes, too, ridding the air of 90% of odor. You won’t have to keep a box of matches and a candle in the bathroom anymore. And in addition to offering you a convenient and affordable way to install a bidet in your home, it also offers you unparalleled flexibility. If you have a guest who feels uncomfortable using your BioBidet, simply turn it off and it’s nothing more than a regular toilet seat. Nothing could be easier.

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