Bidet – For Your Health and Hygiene

A bidet is a plumbing fixture that is intended for personal cleansing. Many people are uncomfortable with the topic of personal cleansing, but they might find that not thinking about personal cleansing can result in far less comfortable conditions.

Some can't afford to get a bidet. Others would consider getting one, but are unwilling to renovate their entire bathroom just to make room for one. Fortunately, there's an easy solution for both of these groups: BioBidet. The BioBidet is integrated into a toilet seat and works with your existing toilet to provide you with a refreshing and comforting clean every time you use it.

BioBidets are far more versatile than typical bidets. You don’t need to install a separate plumbing hookup for it. You can easily install it on an existing toilet. You can just as easily uninstall it if you decide that you want to move it to a different location or even that you don’t want it anymore. And if you have guests that have never seen a bidet before, it's a little easier to explain the BioBidet, since it is attached to something that your guests will recognize and understand, instead of a strange fixture that they've never seen.

People have mistaken bidets for toilets, urinals, hand-washing stations, and even drinking fountains. But there won't be any such mix-ups with the BioBidet.

But just because the BioBidet is more affordable and more versatile than a traditional bidet doesn't mean that you’re sacrificing quality when you get one. In fact, the BioBidet boasts a lot of great features. Certain models have the 1 Pocket, 3 Nozzles System. In this system, there are three nozzles: one for posterior cleansing, one for feminine cleansing, and the specialized Turbot nozzle that allows you to choose your own water temperature, pressure, and even spray pattern. And most models also come equipped with seat warmers, warm air dryers, and deodorizers.

Using a BioBidet regularly can vastly improve your personal hygiene and even your health. If you're cleaner than you've ever been, then you stand less of a risk of infection, hemorrhoids, and other gastrointestinal troubles.

And using a BioBidet can offer you relief from conditions like hemorrhoids and constipation as well. The BioBidet has made the bidet accessible to everyone by making use of a common bathroom fixture and improving on its function. It’s never been easier to improve your health or hygiene.

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