Breaking Traditions When It Comes to Personal Hygiene

Traditions have a way of holding people back when it comes to changing such things as personal hygiene. Take for example the fact that many people still cling to baths instead of showers. Some people think sitting in water will get them cleaner than running water over their bodies. However, when you sit in water, you are sitting in the dirt that is coming off your body. Taking an occasional bath for relaxation is a great idea. Taking a bath all the time makes little sense. Clinging to tradition can be a real problem.

Another good example is the use of toilet paper instead of bidets. Many North Americans have a real aversion to the idea of using a bidet. Toilet paper use has been integral to the North American culture since the pioneer days. While the soft toilet paper of today was not in place, using other materials was. The idea of switching to a bidet is anathematic. However, the proof is in the pudding as they say. Bidet use actually cleans the rectal and genital areas better than toilet paper. Moreover, it prevents the hands from coming in contact with the contaminants. This switch in personal hygiene habits would make a big difference in health.

Some still use baking soda as a tooth paste. It does the job. However, it does not have the same benefits of modern toothpaste. Most modern toothpastes contain fluoride. That helps keep the teeth healthy and clean. Some have whitening agents to get the teeth whiter. Others offer extra ingredients to fight plague and other oral plagues. Some still want the simple clean that baking soda brings. Like the proponents of toilet paper, they think the old way works the best. You will not change their minds. Yet breaking that tradition will have benefits.

Believe it or not going back to traditional methods can be good in some cases. Using basic shampoo can actually be healthier for you than using shampoo and conditioner combinations. It is best for your hair not to use conditioner too often. When you think about it, using a bidet instead of toilet paper is getting back to basics as well. You are using the natural cleaning power of water. The water can do the job if you give it enough pressure and direct the pressure in the right direction. Get back to basics when the basics make sense. That is the way honor traditions the right way.

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