Cleanliness and Bidet

If you speak to a proctologist, a physician or a gynecologist about the benefits of the attachable bidet toilet seat, you will probably hear a lot about the benefits that they can afford you. Using a bidet to wash yourself after you use the toilet is beneficial to both your health and your hygiene.

These bidet toilet seats allow you to wash your anus, your genitals and your peri-anal area much more quickly and easily than if you were to take a shower or a bath. Taking a shower or a bath wastes time and water, but using a bidet can get you clean quickly with less waste.

Both men and women can benefit from the cleanliness opportunities that an attachable bidet toilet seat can offer. Women can find a bidet extremely helpful especially during the menstrual cycle, because this allows her to cleanse herself thoroughly on her outer genitals during her menstrual period. Both women and men that have a sensitive anus can benefit from using a bidet because toilet paper is irritating to your skin which can cause infections, abrasions and small cuts. The more that you use toilet paper, the more irritation there will be. An attachable bidet toilet seat can eliminate these irritations by cleansing these areas without friction from toilet paper.

The majority of us are raised to believe that toilet paper is simply enough, but is it really enough in terms of cleanliness? Think about what is left behind on your skin after you use the restroom. Will toilet paper really wash it all away with a simple wipe? The bacteria that are left behind after using the toilet can make you sick or cause infection.

Using an attachable bidet toilet seat can wash away much of this bacteria, giving you a cleaner experience. If you want to feel truly clean after going to the bathroom, this is the way to do it.

Many people that use toilet paper will eventually develop problems from its use, such as hemorrhoids for example. This is largely due to the fact that toilet paper is abrasive, and it can cause recurring problems that you will have great difficulty eliminating. Not only is using a bidet much gentler, but it will also leave you feeling much more refreshed than if you were to use toilet paper alone.

The benefits of attachable bidet toilet seats are numerous, including increased good hygiene and good health.

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