Evolution of the Bidet

The bidet is a type of personal cleansing method that utilizes a stream of water to clean the body in place of toilet paper after using the toilet. Using a bidet rather than toilet paper is beneficial in many ways, including when it comes to increased hygiene and eco-friendliness. The bidet concept was originally developed during the 19th century, but the "bidet" term is actually older, because it was used in 15th century France to refer to the pet ponies that French royalty kept. The Europeans are responsible for developing the first porcelain cleaning devices for cathartic, purgative and contraceptive reasons.

The reason the device was called a bidet is because the seating method resembled sitting on a pet pony. Over time, the classic bidet evolved significantly, becoming more of a cleaning method than a contraceptive method. It began to parallel the same heightened sense of hygiene and sanitation of the modern world. Over the span of several decades, the bidet concept has become one that is welcomed in many homes, and not necessarily looked at as an odd device. Throughout the history of Asia, the bidet has been looked at as a method of increasing longevity because in Asia, regular bladder and bowel habits are believed to be an important tenet of longevity.

This same concept is starting to appear in modern medicine as well, primarily because an increasing number of health issues and illnesses are becoming apparent as gastrointestinal related and genito-urinary related. Some of these include constipation, hemorrhoids, cancers of the gastrointestinal tract, prostatitis, infections of the urinary tract as well as gynecological issues. When you consider all these issues, it should make sense that using a bidet and keeping yourself clean down below would benefit your health in a number of different ways.

In the past, getting a bidet was not easy because it meant installing a completely new unit in the bathroom. Small bathrooms could not hold the additional plumbing and the space-hogging bidet system. Modern bidets are no longer standalone units, but now most of them attach directly to a regular toilet. What this allows for is seamless integration between the toilet and the bidet so that you can use both together. Today's modern bidets are more cost effective and much more flexible in terms of what they offer, so it has become easier than ever to acquire an effective bidet system for your home.

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