Fast facts about Bidets

The bidet is a unique invention that allows for quick, easy and effective washing of the anus, buttocks, thighs and genitals following using the toilet. Both standalone bidet fixtures and attachable bidet fixtures, also known as toilet seat bidets, are beneficial for a wide variety of reasons. If you become well versed on the subject of bidets you will see that there are numerous benefits and advantages to their use, and the only drawback is the initial investment, which ends up paying for itself over time when you consider saving on toilet paper costs and improving your overall hygiene and health.

Bidets can cost anywhere from $29 dollars to $3000 depending on what type of bidet you buy. The attachable bidet models are the most cost effective choice because they tend to cost between $29 and $300 depending on what features you prefer. Simpler models are cheaper and offer excellent functionality, but the increased functionality also has numerous benefits worth considering. With many bidet models you never have to touch or wipe yourself at all, because there is a built-in warm air dryer, meaning that you end up much cleaner and never have to worry about spreading germs at all, which is one of the greatest drawbacks associated with toilet paper usage.

Many attachable bidet models have anti-bacterial properties and are essentially self-sterilizing. Most attachable models are specifically designed to attach to any existing toilets, meaning that they are largely universal. They make use of the existing water supply without requiring you to do any additional plumbing work. Standalone models require that you install them, requiring additional plumbing work which can be a hassle. 

By eliminating the use of toilet paper, bidets actually use less water. Bidet toilet seats work well with low flow toilets. Since you do not have to worry about flushing paper waste, your toilet does not have to do nearly as much work. By eliminating the use of toilet paper, bidets can save millions of trees per year worldwide. Bidets actually happen to be much cleaner in comparison to using toilets in the traditional sense with toilet paper, and so are well worth considering. The attachable bidet models can be added to your normal toilet for seamless operation that you can begin using today.

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