Handheld Bidets.

There are a variety of different bidet options to choose from, and they all serve basically the same purpose. The only difference between the three primary types of bidets is the ease of use or the mechanism for use. For example, there are stand alone bidets that are separate from toilets, there are attachable bidets that you connect to your regular toilet, and finally there are handheld bidets that act like shower sprayers, allowing you to clean yourself on a portable basis. When you decide that you want a bathroom remodel with high-tech bidet seat, it is important to determine which of these choices is ideal for your unique situation.

When you first decide to start a bathroom remodel with high-tech bidet seat, you may be overwhelmed with the number of options that are available to you. Which type of bidet is right for you? There are benefits to each of these types of bidets, and so it is important to determine which set of benefits best suits your own needs. For example, with handheld bidets, you can point the nozzle in any which way you please, allowing for maximum cleaning power. If you have physical disabilities or mobility issues, using a portable bidet or a handheld bidet can be the best option for you.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a bidet that stays put for a bathroom remodel, then an attachable bidet toilet seat is generally best. Unless you have a lot of extra space to fit a standalone bidet, the best option is simply to attach a bidet to the toilet that you already have. This gives you all of the features, functions and benefits of a traditional bidet without requiring a complete remodel or forcing you to use two plumbing fixtures at the same time.

When planning a bathroom remodel with high-tech bidet seat, consider an attachable bidet seat. These bidet seats attach perfectly to standard toilets, though you will need to choose the right bidet seat for your specific type of toilet. Once you attach the bidet seat, the result is a combination toilet and bidet that will handle all of your cleaning needs without requiring a separate fixture. Some attachable bidet seats have handheld nozzles that you can use to clean yourself properly as well. Make sure that you choose a bidet seat that is going to meet your needs in order to best benefit from these unique devices.

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