High tech bidet options

There are several varieties of bidets. Some people enjoy having a simple hand held bidet option while other people prefer something more extravagant with numerous options and configurations. You will find yourself in awe with all the bells and whistles that a modern, high tech bidet can offer. Moving beyond simple cleaning or cleansing, there are numerous bidets that can turn your trip to the restroom into a very pleasant time.

While purchasing a bidet with all the options and bells and whistles a bidet can offer may not be cheap, the satisfaction gained from a simple trip to the toilet can easily make it worth many people's while. Imagine yourself enjoying the heated seat, and often times adjustable spray pattern nozzle with full temperature control and fine adjustment of its pressure. Finish with an air dry and mild built in deodorant to help eliminate any odor. Doesn't this sound like absolute heaven when it comes to using the bathroom?

Most high end bidets are operated via a small control panel on the side or via a wireless remote control. They may have predefined setting for each user, as well as setting to override any presets it may have. Such fine control at the touch of a button makes it easy for you and your family to find the desired setting that you need to make your bidet experience a pleasant one. Not only do most high tech bidets have fully adjustable nozzles, spray patterns and very fine temperature control, but you may find a variety of options you were not aware of. Some may play gentle music during your bathroom visit to help relax you. Additionally some have dryer functions that are really nice after a gentle rinse. Some have hydraulic lids that can automatically open and close the seat for you (very useful if you live in a home where the seat is constantly left up!).

A lot of bidets these days have very helpful options for cleaning. In fact some may actually have a self cleaning option that can negate the need for regular cleaning and only require a deep cleaning every once in a while. One thing to look for is a bidet with replaceable nozzle parts. Over time they may become dirty and no longer look presentable, so users can simply remove the old one and replace with a fresh one making their bidet like new again.

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