History of Bidets.

The concept of the bidet is several hundred years old. As history has progressed, the bidet has seen numerous technological advances, and many different types of bidet models have emerged over time. Just like with anything else, there are a variety of different types of bidet seating as a result of these developments. Understanding the different types of bidets and how they have developed over time is the best way to determine which bidet is best going to meet your needs. Understanding the long and interesting history of the standalone bidet and the attachable bidet is the best way to understand the purposes and uses of this unique and beneficial device.

The bidet was originally invented back in the 1700s. The first type of bidet ever to exist is the type that stands alone, separate from your toilet. These bidets, when they were first developed, were completed using porcelain and they had high costs associated with them. Because these bidet fixtures were not a part of the toilet, the bathroom required additional room in order to fit a second fixture, and bidets are nearly as large as traditional toilets, so you can imagine how much additional room is required. With this type of bidet, the person using the toilet would have to finish up on the toilet, then move over to the bidet in order to use it.

Traditional stand alone bidets also require that you face the wall rather than away from it, which can be awkward and feel unnatural. The user would get up from the toilet, move to the bidet, face it and sit down to use it. These original bidet models were more expensive than even the most feature-laden electric models of today. The original bidet could cost between $500 and $1800, but many people bought them simply because of the benefits that they afforded to their users.

In the past, only high class families could own bidet systems, but this is rapidly changing. Modern bidet seating, especially those that attach directly to a traditional toilet is now coming down in price despite improving in terms of performance. So the newer, modern and high-performance types of attachable bidets are cost-effective while offering a wide variety of additional features and benefits that rely on electricity to deliver heat, warm water and a more comfortable experience. The history of the bidet is a long and interesting one, leading to many great improvements through the years.

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