How The Prodigy Smart Toilet Is Increasing Bathroom Independence

When you think of your bathroom routine, it can be difficult to imagine anything other than the basic steps you’ve been following since childhood.   However, as we age and begin to experience mobility issues, the toilet can quickly become a difficult contraption prone to slips and falls.  From sitting down to wiping clean, there are many variables that can turn our typical routine into a challenging experience and leave us wondering why our bathroom habits have stayed the same for so long.

Bio Bidet has recently developed a brand-new Smart Toilet designed to enhance your bathroom experience and increase independence every step of the way.  Introducing the Prodigy Advanced Smart Toilet.  Let’s take a look at the top 5 features that will make a change in your everyday life.

1. Expanded Comfort Seat
By expanding the front edges and increasing the total surface area of the seat, the Prodigy welcomes you to a comfortable trip to the bathroom every time.  This exclusive design offers additional support for your legs and body, while the adjustable heated seat keeps you cozy during those cold winter months.

 2. Auto Open/Close
Designed for an easy hands-free experience, the Prodigy P770 automatically opens and closes the lid when you enter or exit the bathroom.  You can also control the seat and lid with the push of a button.

 3. Dual Smart Flush
The Prodigy adjusts to your habits and automatically activates the proper size flush when necessary.  No more twists and turns to wrap up your routine!

 4. Luxury Bidet Controls
Say goodbye to toilet paper, and say hello to a cleaner, healthier lifestyle.  The Prodigy features a stainless steel bidet nozzle that extends when you need it and retracts when you don’t.  Personalize your cleaning experience with adjustable temperatures and spray controls, and finish up with the warm air dryer.  

 5.Wireless Remote
 Effortlessly activate features and adjust your settings with the sleek and simple wireless remote control.  Use the included bracket to mount your remote to the wall and have easy access to every function.
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