How To Clean Your Bidet

Cleaning what keeps you clean

Bio Bidet is committed to clean. Our priority is to ensure you are as clean as can be, however, cleaning your bidet is just as important. Keep reading for instructions on how to clean your bidet!

Cleaning the nozzle

To begin cleaning, it is best to begin with the “nozzle cleaning” feature on the of the bidet. This feature rinses the nozzle of any impurities. ​If your bidet seat includes nozzle removable tips, those can also be removed for manual cleaning. Remove the tip of the nozzle and gently brush to break down any particles that may remain on nozzle. Reattach after cleaning.

Steam the seat of the bidet

The most efficient method of cleaning your bidet is with steam. The ​Biomist Bidet Cleaner​ is a steam cleaner that sprays sanitizing vapors on your seat to break down impurities safely and thoroughly. The precision anti drip cleaning nozzle allows you to aim pressurized steam vapor without creating a mess.  Avoid aiming the BioMist directly at any electrical components​; just the bidet seat, and the toilet.

Wipe it down

After spraying your bidet, use a soft cloth to wipe away impurities and dry the seat. 

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