How to Buy Your First Bidet.

Bidets, although very popular in places like Japan, are just starting to gain popularity in the United States. Many people may find the concept odd or uncomfortable at first but after a clear understanding and learning the ins and outs most people never go back to toilet paper again. For you first purchase of a bidet it is common to have many questions. With some basic instruction you can have confidence in your purchase and you will come to depend on your bidet for many years of service to come.

There are couple things you need to consider before making a bidet purchase. The first item is the model of toilet you have. There are 4 basic models, one or two piece and elongated and non-elongated. It is important to make sure that whatever brand, style or model that it properly fits on your existing toilet. Another very important consideration is price. There are so many features the price of a bidet can vary from under one hundred dollars to several hundred. So establish a budget when you start looking for a new bidet.

Even though less expensive bidets are out there, a model of moderate cost would be a wise choice. A good bidet is an investment and can last you and your family several years if properly cleaned and maintained. The important thing to remember here is that investing a little more money for a quality bidet will help ensure its longevity in your home. Spending a little more money will help get something that is comfortable for you and your family to use. While a simple base model may be ideal for someone who has been using one for a long time, some of the feature found on today's bidets can ease bathroom visitors into its use.

While some features may come off as extravagant, there are several that you should consider important to have. One of these features is; adjustable water temperature. Different people like different temperatures and what's just right for you may be too hot or too cold for others. Selecting a model with adjustable water pressure is a must have. While every day cleansing may not require high pressure, occasionally you might run into a situation where it is needed. When that situation arises you will be very happy to have spent the additional money. A drying feature can be a very integral part of your bidet experience. Just being clean is a fantastic sensation, but finishing with a gentle dry air really completes your bidet experience.


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