How to Clean your Attachable Bidet Seat

One of the biggest concerns among people that use toilet paper for bathroom use, when they first become aware of the bidet and how it works, is how they are supposed to clean the device. Since the purpose of the attachable bidet seat is to shoot water into your most sensitive regions, it is fair to be anxious about the cleanliness of your attachable bidet. If your bidet is not hygienic, then it makes sense that infection or other issues could arise. This makes keeping the toilet seat bidet clean an absolute necessity, but how do you make it happen?

There is good news. Bidets are considered to be the most sanitary and the most eco-friendly method of cleaning all of your private areas, and the opinion is valid for many good reasons. For example, unless you are buying a third-rate, poorly designed model, the dirty water that has touched your posterior is going to go right down into the toilet rather than splashing back on the nozzle, so you do not have to worry about the nozzles becoming unsanitary, or the water doing anything but cleansing you completely from end to end. Toilet seat bidets from the most popular manufacturers are actually designed to be maintenance free.

What it means for these designs to be maintenance free is that there is either going to be a self cleaning feature, or the nozzles and jets are going to be designed to simply be replaced if necessary. You should never actually have to labor to clean your toilet seat bidet, the work should be done for you automatically. If you do want to clean your attachable bidet seat, however, then simply use a damp cloth to wipe down all of the areas. There is generally a quick-release function on most toilet seat attachable bidets which means you can take the thing apart and clean it easily if desired.

Most bidet seats along these lines have external iodine or carbon water filters. If so, it is advised that you replace them once every six months or so. Most manufacturers recommend that you use an iodine filter if you are looking to get the most out of your attachable bidet. So the bottom line here is that you should not have to clean your attachable bidet, but if you do choose so, the process is easy and painless, and the only maintenance required is to change your filters occasionally and you are set.

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