Personal Hygiene-Four Reasons to Add a Bidet Attachment to Your Toilets at Home.

Personal hygiene must be at the top of this list. Toilet paper does not do a thorough job. You will not find any science or research that denies that fact. You will find some fluid or particulates left behind when you use toilet paper. Those leftovers leave an unclean feel in the genital and rectal areas. Using toilet paper is not sanitary. Your hands are down in the area where the nasty stuff is. You will get something on your hands. Using a personal bidet will help avoid all these issues. It will clean the area thoroughly without the need to put your hands down into the toilet bowl.

Safety is another reason. The bacteria and other microbes present in fecal matter can cause all sorts of illnesses. Using an attachable bidet will promote a higher level of personal hygiene. Some microbes can cause infections. Others spread diseases like the plague. While most of these microbes are not a problem inside the gastrointestinal tract, when they escape that environment, they become a potential hazard. Recent outbreaks of food poisoning can trace directly back to fecal contamination at some point in the process. Take no chances and keep your family safe with a bidet.

Environmental impact is another solid reason. You want the personal hygiene improvement angle. However, being able to make a positive impact to the environment is also a good thing. Bidets take toilet paper out of the waste stream. Toilet paper takes a great deal of water, wood, and fuel to manufacture and transport. You also quite often wash your hands after using the toilet. Bidets, on the other hand, use a minimal amount of water. You can get models that use water pressure instead of electricity. You will have a positive impact on the environment with bidets.

Gadgets are another reason to invest in a bidet. If you like gadgets, you will want a bidet model that comes with all the bells and whistles. You can get a remote control to handle the actions performed by the bidet. You can get a built-in dryer function to dry yourself. The heated toilet seat makes going very comfortable. You can get deodorizing functions that will keep the smells under control. Dual nozzles, warm water, and adjustable pressure are the basics. The rest is just gadget candy in the world of personal hygiene. Get your candy order in today and start reaping the rewards.

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