Personal Hygiene – It’s Good for You

Personal hygiene goes much deeper than just washing your hands after using the restroom. With all that happens in a bathroom, it’s naïve to think that your hands are the part of your body most in need of a washing afterwards.

While many people in the United States still find the thought of using a bidet to be awkward or downright off-putting, many others are coming around to the benefits of using a bidet for cleansing after using the restroom. While it might seem time consuming, good hygiene is always worth the time and effort. Think about how offended you might be if someone shook hands with you and then announced that they hadn't washed their hands after using the bathroom. Not using a bidet is tantamount to that if you’re serious about good hygiene.

When the French first invented bidets (the French word “bidet” means “pony.”) the early bidets resembled squat, little ponies, and were “ridden” like ponies), they were created for the rich and those who could afford proper personal hygiene. But, as time passed, the idea of using a bidet spread all over the world and many other cultures contributed to their evolution.

They were made easier to mount. They were made to work using warm water. Features such as warm air dryers and deodorizers were introduced. The bidet of today is far more technically advanced than that first wooden “pony” ridden by French royalty.

These innovations in the design of the bidet also improve their health benefits. The use of warm water in a bidet can improve bowel movements. The use of cold water can provide relief from hemorrhoids. Warm air dryers eliminate the need for toilet paper, which is better for your body and for the environment. And deodorizers, while they do not make a significant contribution to your health, can certainly improve others’ perception of your personal hygiene.

If personal hygiene is important to you, you should seriously consider investing in a bidet. If it’s not important to you, then it should be. Think of the alternatives: hemorrhoids, constipation, infections, and the like. Consider also that a toilet seat bidets are easy to install and surprisingly affordable.

You'll enjoy the physical benefits of regularly using a bidet, but you'll also enjoy the comfort and relaxation of getting a soothing personal massage whenever you use the bathroom. It’s a lot easier to get used to than you might think.

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