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Personal Hygiene – The Benefits of Using a Bidet

When it comes to personal hygiene, most people are content not to discuss this sensitive subject.

While it's admittedly not a great topic of conversation, especially in mixed company, there are still people who just can’t help raving to others about their bidets. While the bidet is still slowly gaining in popularity in the United States, it’s quickly becoming de rigueur all over Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Anyone who uses one can tell you why: it offers you unparalleled cleansing. And, on top of that, there may be added health benefits to using a bidet regularly as well.

Bidets as they are manufactured today owe a great debt to a variety of cultures that contributed their own innovations to the design as the bidet began to evolve. The French contributed the original idea of a way to cleanse yourself while seated.

They also contributed the name “bidet,” which is also the French word for “pony,” which the first bidets were thought to resemble. Japan contributed the discovery that the use of a bidet can have health benefits, such as better personal hygiene and the reduction of the risk of getting hemorrhoids. The Japanese also contributed the idea of a toilet that incorporates a bidet. And America has perfected that idea.

The BioBidet is the latest innovation in the evolution of the modern bidet. This personal hygiene system is integrated into what could quite possibly be the world’s most technologically advanced toilet seat. It’s easy to install and easy to remove, should a situation call for its removal.

You also get all the benefit of a bidet with all the functionality of a toilet, and without having to make room in your bathroom to accommodate both. You can have it all by integrating the BioBidet onto your home toilet.

Getting a BioBidet can be something of a luxury; it's true. But fewer luxuries come with as many health benefits as a bidet. With the regular use of a bidet, you'll keep hemorrhoids at bay. You'll find that you bowel movements are more regular and easier.

And while you may start using it for the sake of personal hygiene, but you'll keep using it because of the comfort factor. Nothing beats a warm cleansing while seated on a warmed seat, followed by a warm air dry, especially on a cold winter day. So get it for the health benefits. Keep it for the comfort.


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