Questions about Bidets

There are a lot of questions floating around when it comes to bidets. The reason is primarily because many people do not understand how they work or why they are so beneficial to health, hygiene and general well being. Here are some of the more frequently asked questions and the answers that you have been waiting to. First and foremost, what is a bidet? Bidets are pronounced as "bee-day" and they are devices that are designed to clean the rectal and genital areas using a jet or spray of water. Some bidets even have the capability to add a mild soap product to the water stream with a single button press, increasing the capabilities of these unique devices.

What is the history of the bidet? The name is derived from 15th century French ponies, but the European bidet was originally developed in the 19th century. The original device was constructed from porcelain and was designed for cathartic, purgative and contraceptive purposes. The porcelain shape forced straddling in order to use it, and this is why the bidet word was used to refer to the device. The original bidet was a standalone device, and they tended to be expensive, large and even difficult to install. Through modest origins, the bidet has developed into a unique and highly desirable contraption.

What is a bidet toilet seat? The original bidet was a standalone unit that looked like a toilet but without flushing capabilities. Users had to finish on the toilet, then move to the secondary device for cleaning. Bidet toilet seats, on the other hand, are installed directly onto the toilet, creating one single streamlined fixture to use rather than requiring two different units in the bathroom. This saves on space and cost while introducing a variety of new features that make going to the bathroom easier, more comfortable and even more enjoyable than ever before.

Is a bidet worth the money? Do you think having good health is worth a few hundred dollars of investment? The prices can vary significantly from non-electric to electric, standalone to toilet seat and even portable models. What is important to consider is that this is an investment toward good genital health, good rectal health and good overall well being. Bidets can heal inflammation and can help to improve genital and rectal health overall, making it well worthwhile as an investment. If you have doubts, buy a cheaper model first, then graduate to a better model over time.

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