Should I include a Bidet in my remodel?

If you are planning a bathroom remodel, now is your chance to decide whether or not you should make additions or subtractions or other changes to your space. Whether you are working with a large bathroom space or a small one, there are many different changes that you can make in order to improve the visual appeal and the functionality of your space. One of the questions that you may ask yourself is whether or not you should include a standalone bidet or an attachable bidet in your remodeled bathroom space. You should make decisions like these early on in the remodeling process.

The biggest consideration that you need to make is how much space you have. The amount of space that you have is going to have a large impact on what you can do with your bathroom remodel. When it comes to bidet installation, you basically have two different choices. Standalone bidet units look similar to toilets, but they function all on their own. Attachable bidet seats on the other hand just attach like a regular toilet seat to the toilet that you already have, allowing you to convert any traditional toilet into a combination bidet and toilet simply and easily.

Whether you have a large space or a small, using an attachable bidet is definitely a smarter choice in comparison to a standalone bidet. The reason is because using an attachable bidet seat is a lot simpler and more streamlined than transferring yourself from the toilet to a separate seating fixture. The standalone bidet can also be more awkward because you face the wall rather than away from it. The attachable bidet just looks like a regular toilet seat, however it has an extra nozzle or other additions inside.

If you are unsure of whether or not you want to add a bidet in your bathroom remodel, just wait and add an attachable bidet seat later when you are ready. This is a fixture that you can easily add or remove as desired, so there is less commitment involved than if you were to install a full-sized bidet unit in your bathroom. So not only will you save space, but you also add greater functionality and more flexibility when it comes to your toilet and bidet use, which is a smart move if you are not sure whether or not a bidet is right for you.

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