Teaching your child to use a bidet

The purpose of a bidet is to help you clean your posterior and your genitals following using the toilet. The benefit of a toilet seat bidet or an attachable bidet is that you can turn your ordinary toilet into a combination toilet and bidet. This is the best option if you have small children in the home because you can simultaneously train your child to use the bidet and the toilet at the exact same time. When you are potty training your child, it is a good idea to also introduce them to the concept of using a bidet, since small children can have trouble when it comes to wiping adequately.

The best way to potty train your child is to never teach them how to use toilet paper in the home. This is not ideal for outside of the home, but in the home your child can learn to benefit from the bidet, where they will get a cleaner experience. This is especially beneficial for young children, as they will have difficulty cleaning themselves for the first few years that they are using the potty on their own. Bidets facilitate quick and easy cleaning, and so they should not be difficult for young children to learn.

The convenience that is associated with using a bidet can make the potty training process even easier since it means using the facilities, then using the bidet feature, then being done, simple as that. There is no toilet paper to deal with, wipe with or throw away, and there are no awkward or difficult areas to reach in trying to clean one's self. Children may have difficulty balancing on the toilet while trying to wipe, but a bidet can make this a lot simpler just by doing the cleaning part automatically.

The important part about showing your child how to use the potty and the bidet is to explain the controls. You may want to place stickers on the buttons and knobs so your child knows which ones to use and which ones not to use. It will take some time and patience in order to get this process right, but it will be truly rewarding when your young child is using the potty and the bidet properly, which means that he or she is clean and free of germs and the potential for bacteria and illness. If your child is learning how to use the potty, make sure you teach use of the bidet as well.

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