The Popularity of Attachable Bidet Toilet Seats

The Popularity of Attachable Bidet Toilet Seats

Many people are unaware of how popular the attachable bidet seat has become over the years. Some people are still completely unaware of what an attachable bidet seat is or what benefits it offers to people. Once upon a time, the bidet concept was just an oddity coming out of Japan. Nobody outside of Japan took the bidet seriously, because it was an oddball invention that seemed strange and unnecessarily. However, over time the way people look at the bidet toilet seat has changed significantly, and now these unique devices are welcome in homes all over the world.

The first hit in Japan was known as the Washlet G and it came from Toto. Further bidets following the same basic functionality took on the same washlet name. These came out in 1980, creating a brand new industry that has grown in some pretty incredible ways. In Japan, the most popular type of bidet is the standalone unit, which operates completely separately from the toilet. In other countries, however, there are a variety of other types of bidet seating, including the attachable bidet seat, which connects to a regular toilet and provides the same functionality as other types of bidet seats.

Recent surveys have indicated that as many as 50 percent of homes in Japan have a high tech bidet, either a standalone unit or an attachable unit depending on the size of the household. The rest of the world is definitely going to take some time to catch up, but before long the number of people adopting this type of technology is going to grow significantly. This is largely due to the number of benefits that attachable bidet toilet seats provide to their users, including health benefits and hygiene benefits along with simple ease of use.

Today you can buy an attachable bidet, a Japanese washlet or a number of other types of bidets throughout the United States as well as around the world. These bidet products are available in hardware stores as well as online, and they come in a wide variety of different models from a wide variety of different manufacturers. There is still some hesitation regarding the popularity of these devices, but it is fading as more people become aware of just how beneficial the attachable bidet toilet seat can be. If you have not already considered the benefits of a bidet, now is the time to do so.

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