What is a Bidet?

What is a Bidet?

The word bidet is French and means pony. A bidet, pronounced “bi-day,” is a plumbing fixture that is intended for the washing of genitalia, buttocks and the anus after urinating or making a bowel movement. There are numerous purported benefits associated with the use of a bidet, and there are both standalone and attachable bidet models. The name of this plumbing fixture originates from how the user is seated on the device, which resembles straddling a pony. The bidet was actually originally a bedroom fixture, but advances relating to the infrastructure of plumbing allowed it to become a bathroom fixture over time.

The electronic bidet rolled out during the 1960s, and this made it possible for attachable bidet seats to attach to regular toilets. In the past, up until this point, only standalone units were available. Electronic bidets made it possible for an attached bidet seat to connect to the top of any ordinary toilet to create a single space saving unit. How you use a bidet can vary depending on what model you are using. Units that are attached to the top of an ordinary toilet are best used sitting the same fashion as the toilet. Stand alone models, on the other hand, are generally used by facing toward the back of the bidet unit.

Bidets can be used to wash more than your genitalia, thighs and buttocks. Because they resemble wash basins, they can also often be used to wash feet and other body parts when necessary. It really depends on the situation and your personal preference. Bidets can have a single tap dispensing warm water, or they may have multiple taps, capable of dispensing warm or cool water as needed. Bidets are especially popular in southern Europe, including in Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal. In some Latin American countries like Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina, bidets are also widely used. The same is true for Asia and the Middle East, where both standalone and attached models are common fixtures in the bathroom.

The attachable toilet seat bidet is one of the more revolutionary advances in terms of bidet technology. These attachable forms attach directly and easily to regular toilet seats, providing the same benefits as traditional stand alone bidets. Some of these bidets will have a single nozzle that functions universally for any purpose, while others have a dual set of nozzles, one for posterior cleansing and the other for feminine hygiene. 

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