Which Bidet Should I Buy?

In the aftermath of the great toilet paper shortage of 2020, American consumers are ready to ask the right questions about this world-renowned bathroom fixture: “Why use a Bidet?” and “Which Bidet should I get?” If you’re bidet-less (don’t be embarrassed; most US households are), we’ve got a few tips to help you navigate this growing market.

WHY BIDET? Affordability – The bidet comes in a wide range of options from ​luxurious smart toilets​ to basic and practical attachments - ​models that pay for themselves​ ​in very short order by cutting toilet paper purchases alone.

Hygiene and Health – The fact is, water does it better. Rinsing to clean is gentler and more refreshing than the standard paper procedure. Additionally, bidets with automatic rinse offer a better, more independent cleaning experience for those who face limited physical capabilities. Eco-Friendliness – Conventional wiping literally flushes forests down the toilet – not to mention the carbon emissions associated with production and shipping. ​As reported here,​ ​there is data to indicate that universal bidet use would actually conserve water drastically in comparison to what is needed to produce and flush toilet paper.

If you’re still on the fence as to whether upgrading to a Bidet is the right choice, take some time to surf the web. Look at the content offered by former Bidet skeptics. Also, if you’re wondering, will a bidet fit my toilet? The overwhelming odds are, yes. More on that here.

WHICH BIDET? The bidet market is vast and varied. However, you can easily narrow down the field by examining cost and features.

Cost:​ Under $100 / ​Features:​ Entry-level Attachments for your existing toilet​ seat are available in this price range from the most ​basic bidet sprayer attachments​ (yes, like you have on your kitchen sink) to stationary sprayers​ that affix to the back of the seat. The features in this price range are simple and effective, using your bathroom’s existing water supply and requiring no additional power sources.

Cost:​ $199 - $599/ ​Features:​ Mid-level to Luxury

Seat upgrade options​ are a step above sprayers with features integrated into the seat itself. ​This affordable option ​is an example of how many upgrades are available in the next category, such as adjustable spray patterns, water temperature control, heated seat and glowing nightlight. And this ​top-of-the-line option ​offers luxuries like wireless remote, heated seat & water, bubbles and dryer to name a few. This model even has features for constipation relief. Most options in this range and above are electric powered to provide all the spa-like elements offered in this category.





Cost:​ $599-$699 / ​Features​: Premier

Premier Seat Upgrade Options​ (like the indulgent ​Bliss Series​) belong in a class all their own, designed with every conceivable comfort feature. From warm air-drying to self-cleaning & deodorizing, seats available in this category are the epitome of luxurious cleaning, and are also an ideal solution for helping physically challenged users regain bathroom autonomy.






Cost: $2300 – Up / Features: Premier, full toilet systems

Premier Full Toilet Systems​ replace your existing toilet. Easy to install, these complete models are sleek and loaded with features like auto-sensing flush technology, kid-friendly settings, and a touch control panel for effortless adjustments to suit your every preference.

Whether your goal is a day-at-the-spa experience, or simply opting out of the next toilet paper panic – there is a bidet for that. Regardless of the model, whether simple and mechanical, or electric and loaded with options, consumers can be assured of affordability, superior hygiene, and extreme eco-friendliness. Indeed, you will be hard-pressed to find a bidet-owner not asking themselves, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?

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