Are Bidets Actually Cleaner Than Conventional Toilets?

Bidets are cleaner than using a traditional toilet and wiping with toilet paper. Cleaning your backside with a stream of water is more effective than smearing waste with paper. So to answer the question – yes, you will be cleaner and, you’ll feel cleaner. The water spray will leave you cleaner than toilet paper and feeling comfortable and fresh.

Here are the three different types of bidets to know about …

Types of Bidets

Here are the three main types of bidets:
  1. Bidet Toilets: An all-in-one bidet and toilet. Electrified. Full of luxury features.
  2. Bidet Seats: A bidet seat that replaces the seat on your existing toilet. Some are electric. These models have a range of features.
  3. Bidet Attachments: A bidet attachment that mounts below your toilet seat. Non-electric. No-frills, but inexpensively converts your existing toilet into a bidet.

Are Bidets More Hygienic?

Yes. Bidets use clean water to wash. By not smearing the waste, bidets minimize the chance of infection or irritating the area. And not involving your hands in the cleaning process, there’s a greatly reduced chance of becoming sick or contaminating surfaces.

Our bidet toilets and bidet seats use a patented vortex posterior wash to remove any waste in its path. The water is sprayed in a spiraling, rotating motion (like a vortex) to ensure that nothing gets left behind. This wash is designed to clean the user after a “number 2” and targets that area specifically.

Another feature of our bidet toilets and bidet seats is that they have self-cleaning nozzles that clean themselves after every use. This innovative feature protects your nozzle from bacteria buildup.

Bidets not only improve personal hygiene, but they are also a more efficient and eco-friendly way of cleaning up after using the toilet.

Looking for Ways to Improve Personal Hygiene?

There are only a few things that can improve your hygiene in the bathroom – a bidet is one of them. If you need help choosing a bidet or have questions about what type of bidet is right for you, use the live chat feature on our website or send us a message on social media. We’re on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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