Are Bidets Good for Elderly Family Members?

Our elders are quick to point out just how many things we tend to take for granted in our youth. One ability that deteriorates with time is using the bathroom comfortably. To reduce bending, twisting, and stretching in the bathroom, seniors and their loved ones are opting for bidet seats and bidet attachments to make their bathrooms simpler, safer, more hygienic, and more comfortable to use.

Why Is the Bathroom Dangerous for Seniors?

The bathroom poses several risks for seniors, all of which make it worth addressing these safety concerns. One in 4 seniors will experience a fall in any given year. That equates to more than 36 million falls annually, resulting in over 32,000 deaths.  

A few factors make the bathroom a particularly hazardous place:

  • Frequency. On average, adults use the bathroom seven times per day. The frequency of bathroom use tends to increase as we get older. While the duration of each visit may not be substantial, bathroom use is constant.
  • Small Spaces. Most bathrooms are relatively small rooms, which means in the event of a fall, chances are high that adults will hit their head on sinks or toilets, in addition to experiencing a hard impact on the ground. This elevates the danger of every fall incident.


Take the Stay Independent risk assessment from the CDC to determine if you or a loved one is at high risk of falling.

Using a Bidet to Improve Senior Safety at Home

For seniors committed to their independence, bidet seats can help keep their bathrooms safe. A bidet seat or a bidet attachment reduces the need to twist, reach, or stretch, decreasing the chance of injury or of losing balance. Bidet seats and attachments for seniors also:

  • offer a gentler way to clean delicate skin.
  • can be especially helpful for those with hemorrhoids.
  • provide a hygienic and hands-free way to clean up after using the toilet for those with dementia issues who may not always remember to wash their hands after.


How to Keep Seniors Safe at Home

In addition to a bidet for elderly loved ones, consider adding more features to your bathroom, such as:

  • Toilet grab bar – Easy to install on a wall, grab bars or handrails can help seniors steady themselves when sitting down or standing up from the toilet.
  • Shower handrail – Adding a handrail in the shower can reduce the risk of slipping in the shower.
  • Non-slip mat – An easy way to give seniors traction in the shower is to add a rubber non-slip shower mat.
  • Accessible storage – Keep the bathroom organized and store important items in a place that doesn’t require stretching, reaching, or bending down to access them.


More Tips for Seniors Living at Home

Seniors can stay at home and feel confident for years, especially if they have a plan in place. Installing a bidet for home health care is a great start; here are more tips to keep seniors safe and healthy in their homes:

  • Talk with your doctor about fall prevention.
  • Always seek medical help after a fall, even if you feel fine immediately after. The effects of a fall may take time to surface.
  • Check your vision annually and update your contact lens or glasses prescription as necessary.
  • Keep high traffic areas of your home clear of debris, boxes, piles of clothes, or anything that may cause you to trip.
  • Install lights on the stairs and consider using a nightlight in hallways and bedrooms to enhance vision at night.


Bidet Toilet Seats for Seniors: Stay Home and Stay Healthy

Bidet attachments for seniors are a great way to help keep older adults safer at home for as long as they feel comfortable. At Bio Bidet, we offer the bidet industry’s most reliable products, and we support every customer to ensure they’re satisfied with their bidet purchases.

Contact us to learn more about finding the right bidet for you and your elderly family members or take our bidet quiz to narrow down the options on your own!