Bidet Benefits

The bidet is finally growing in popularity in the United States. Generally here in America we are if anything overly obsessed with hygiene. It has been noted that our love affair with sanitizing every surface and putting powerful antibiotic in domestic hand soap has done us no favors. Such efforts have led to the rapid flourishing of antibiotic resistant bacteria and a growing allergies in children. So why is it that ill advised and ineffective notions about hygiene can run riot but something so eminently sensible and advantageous as bidets have taken so long to catch on.

It’s natural to be somewhat conservative when it come to intimate matters like how we clean ourselves after using the bathroom. Most Americans will only encounter a bidet when travelling abroad of staying in a luxury hotel (where foreign guests expect them). But when you consider the advantages a bidet should be a feature in every bathroom across all 50 states.

Firstly there is the matter of hygiene. A bidet undoubtedly provides a better more thorough clean than toilet paper. This is important as improper cleaning can lead to infections and discomfort.

Speaking of comfort, everyone knows that toilet paper can be abrasive and damaging. No-one wants to chose between being clean or causing themselves injury after using the bathroom. With a bidet that risk is eliminated. You can depend upon perfect cleanliness and comfort every time.

Furthermore, a bidet is easier to use for the elderly or those living with disabilities. It’s shamefully under discussed but anyone who has lived with disabilities or been a carer for a lover one is aware that the bathroom can be the most arduous part of the day. Nothing that can bring our loved ones more comfort and independence in this regard could be more welcome. At BioBidet we are proud to be making a product that truly helps alleviate such stresses.

Another benefit is environmental. It is perhaps counter intuitive but using a bidet actually saves water. Creating toilet paper first requires creating wood pulp by soaking trees we can’t afford to cut down in water we cannot afford to waste. The economic burst of water used by a bidet is a negligible amount compared to the gallons used to make toilet paper. Along with the land and lumber needed, toilet paper is a very wasteful use of our natural resources.

In short there is no reason to hold back from buying a bidet. If you are seeking a cost effective solution that saves space and doesn’t require a standalone unit in your bathroom then the solution is a toilet seat bidet like the incredibly popular bliss series we produce. So order one today or contact us for more information. We trust you’ll never look back.

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