Bidet – Explore the Features in These Bidet Models

Features Bidet Models

The Supreme is definitely the feature loaded model for anyone who wants a true spa experience when he or she goes to the bathroom. Start with the remote control that allows you complete dominance over the bidet. You control the pressure and temperature with simple buttons at your fingertip. You get a deodorizing feature that makes any unpleasant smells go away like magic. Adding a power saving mode will keep your electric bill under control. A heated seat is magic. No more cold winter night shocks when you run to the bathroom. The heated air dry feature is a true luxury.

The Universal works with any toilet you might have in your home. Most attachable bidets require a standard two piece toilet to install and work properly. However, modern changes in bath room design have brought new types of toilets on the market. One piece, low profile toilets are popular. Toilets that hang off the wall are another popular choice. These new options cause challenge with some attachable bidets. The Universal answers that problem. It works with any existing toilet you might have. It also install on either side of the toilet. It is a great option for new modern design.

The Premium requires no electricity, yet it offers a number of options that make it something special. The system comes with a dual nozzle. That is something you do not often see on a water pressure unit. It also comes with an enema nozzle for those times when you need an extra thorough cleaning. Instead of shooting water up in a straight shot, the water comes out in an oscillating helix. The nozzle is self cleaning as well. There is a soap dispenser option so you can clean more thoroughly. With the ability to hook up to warm water, you can have water temperature control.

The Palm goes anywhere you want it to go. It is a travel sized, battery run model that is perfect for traveling. You can tuck it into a purse or travel bag with ease. It runs off of 2AA batteries. You use simple tap water. A wand on the side swings up so you can put it into position. Press a button and you have a bidet wash on the go. The arm contains two nozzles for both anterior and posterior cleaning. It is easy to keep clean. Take your clean feeling on the road with you