Bidets for Postpartum: The Benefits of a Bidet After Giving Birth

Bidets have advantages far beyond their ability to clean your backside. Bidets offer several benefits for postpartum women who are suffering from soreness while recovering from stitches or tears in the vaginal area. A cool, gentle wash will cleanse away any discharge or blood commonly found after childbirth – while the cool water soothes the irritated area.

Wiping with toilet paper can irritate the area more and spread unwanted waste through the sensitive region.

Benefits of a Bidet After Giving Birth

Simple things such as urinating after having a child can be painful. Wiping with toilet paper only increases the irritation. Switching to a bidet can help in the recovery process and increase personal hygiene.

A bidet …

  • Washes waste away without irritating the vaginal area.
  • Reduces risk of bacteria in areas with tears or stitches.
  • Soothes inflammation and soreness.
  • Offers mothers the opportunity to wash quickly and easily multiple times a day.

What’s the Best Bidet Post Pregnancy?

After delivering a baby, there can be a lot of discomforts. We recommend purchasing a bidet that comes with more advanced features. Heated seat, temperature control, feminine wash, adjustable water pressure, and even an enema setting will all help bring a little more comfort to your bathroom experience. These high-tech bidets are on the pricier side – but worth every penny!

Here are our top choices for a range of budgets:

Discovery DLX Smart Bidet Toilet – The feminine wash on this bidet is an amazing feature for postpartum. It’s a gentle wash specifically targeting the vaginal area. A retractable nozzle will automatically move into the proper position to ensure that the vaginal area is washed thoroughly, yet gently without needing to reposition yourself on the bidet seat.

Discovery DLS Bidet Seat – Many women experience constipation after giving birth. The enema setting on this bidet seat will loosen things up and relieve constipation.

Slim One Bidet Seat – With a pulsating massage wash settling, this bidet seat provides relief to your vaginal area. While it doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles, it is equipped with several comforting features.  

Experience the Benefits of Bidets for Postpartum

Purchase a bidet and experience their benefits for postpartum women. If you have any questions, use the chat feature here on our website or send us a message on social media. We’re on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.


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