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Bidet – What are the Advantages of Bidet Use?

Bidet – What are the Advantages of Bidet Use?

Bidets are greener than toilet paper. This is an advantage that many may have trouble seeing. Bidets do use water. Attachable bidets may require electricity or batteries. However, when compared to the water and electricity necessary to create even one roll of toilet paper, the bidet will win every time. Look at the amount of water you use when you wash your hands after cleaning your rectal and genital areas with toilet paper. You will use about the same or a little less water in a bidet. Therefore, unless you do not wash your hands after going to the bathroom, bidets are a great option. Moreover, it keeps toilet paper out of the waste stream.

Bidets are more sanitary than toilet paper use. This advantage is something many people do not understand. There is a misconception that toilet paper gets you cleaner than a warm wash of water will. However, toilet paper often leaves smears of particulates in the rectal and genital areas. That means you have plenty of contaminants that can soil your underwear and make you uncomfortable. With a bidet, you do not have that issue. The water will flush the contaminants down the toilet. All you have to do is shake yourself dry or use an air dryer attachment.

Bidets are soothing. When you have inflamed or aggravated skin down in that sensitive area, you do not want anything to make it worse. Using toilet paper is not the answer. You will only be scratching the skin even worse. Using a warm water wash from an attachable bidet will do the trick. It will clean the area without aggravating the inflammation and sensitivity. When you add a heated toilet seat and air drying, you will find your posterior quite happy to go through the experience. It is a great solution when dealing with hemorrhoids or constipation.

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