Bidet - What Would Happen If You Added a Bidet to Your Toilet

Bidet – What Would Happen if You Added a Bidet to Your Toilet?

Ask yourself this question. “What would happen if you added a bidet to your toilet?” The answers might surprise you. First, you would never spend money on toilet paper again. Have you ever sat down and calculated how much money you and your family spend on toilet paper every year? That cost is gone. You do not need to worry about running out of toilet paper. That is one less cost to have to deal with, however minor it is. You will not need to clean a septic system quite as often. Moreover, your plumbing will work better without the additional toilet paper waste.

Second, you will never have to put your hands near your rectal and genital areas again right after eliminating in the toilet. The bidet will take care of everything you need to do down there. The water pressure will flush both liquid and solid matter from both areas of your posterior. You are cleaner than you would ever get with toilet paper. You can get a model that will give you an air dryer option. That will take out the need to do the shimmy dance necessary to get rid of excess moisture down in that area. The fecal matter stays in the toilet and your hands do not get anywhere close.

Third, you will likely see a lower amount of germs in your environment. If you are interested, take some samples of surfaces throughout your house before you install the bidet. Then wait a few weeks after the installation and take some more. The results will show a marked decrease in the amount of fecal matter that gets on your household surfaces. That means you and your family do not have the exposure to the germs that can cause many diseases and infections. The fact that your hands are never near the toilet bowl makes this a fact.

Fourth, you will have an impact on the environment. A good impact, that is. Toilet paper manufacturing requires gallons of water that runs down the drain. The trees brought down for toilet paper ranges in the millions every year. The process to break the tree fibers down into pulp takes chemicals that go into the water. It all leads to quite an environmental problem. The manufacturer uses gas burning trucks to transport the paper to the stores. Then you use gas to take it home. All of it adds up to quite an impact. Using water in a bidet is minimal in comparison.