Bidets: The Secret to Great Butt Hygiene!

“What is a bidet?”

Bidets are the hottest new tech in the American bathroom market as many are rushing to their tablets, smartphones and computers and asking, “What is a bidet?” I would like to think that this sudden interest in butt hygiene is due to the dedicated work ethic of marketing managers like those at BioBidet, but it seems that many are jumping on the bandwagon after learning about their amazing benefits.

Besides the obvious perk of having a clean man or lady hole, many users might fail to realize the deep rooted improvements to their health that only the therapeutic effects of water can provide. Researching how to have a cleaner butt is something we all, especially Americans who still have toilet paper dependency issues, should be actively doing.

Ever had a bad burrito?

Maybe you had some pizza or bad takeout that didn’t sit well? Did said ingested material leave you unable to move farther than waddling distance away from your bathroom? What about the last time you had to pull an all-nighter rushing out of bed to the nearest toilet?

During these character building moments, where the beast is leaving you at a sultry temperature of lava, the idea of repeated uses of toilet paper might have you viewing it as sandpaper. In comes the bidet, washing away all your pain and shame with a stream of warm or cold water! Not only is the bidet spray a more thorough clean than using toilet paper, it’s far gentler too.

Your butt cleaning game will increase tenfold by getting an attachable bidet.

Perhaps you have a history of difficult poops, what then can a bidet do for you in the butt hygiene department? Issues like IBS, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease are no laughing matter. IBS is a fairly common disorder that causes cramping, abdominal pain, gas, diarrhea and constipation. Compared to the other two its affects are fairly mild and can be managed by most with proper diet and lifestyle changes.

If you’re looking for more information on the subject, follow this IBS link.

Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease however are far more serious inflammatory bowel diseases. These two can add painful bowel movements, severe abdominal pain, fever, swelling and rectal bleeding to the list of symptoms. Psychological implications can arise from these conditions as well including loss of sleep, irritability even loss of normal menstrual cycles. None of this sounds like a good time.

To learn more about both subjects, check out this link for Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation.

Maintaining a hygienic posterior can reduce inflammation, irritation and risk of infection for individuals with ANY of these three conditions. A gentle bidet spray in just the right spot can actually stimulate the area, relaxing the muscles and make dropping one off a shorter task. The bidet seat allows you to wash your anus, your genitals and your perinatal area much more quickly and easily than if you were to take a shower or a bath. Taking a shower or a bath wastes time and water, but using a bidet can handle your butt cleaning quickly with less waste.

All of this begs of obvious question of, “How is a bidet making my butt cleaner than regular toilet paper?”

Simple analogy for this one: When you drive your car through a muddy puddle would you wipe it off with a paper towel and consider it clean? What about cleaning last night’s dinner off your dishes, would you simply use a dish towel to make them like new? (Just please don’t invite your date over for dinner after that.)

No, of course not! You would use water. Using toilet paper simply smears and spreads your poop around like chunky peanut butter on a slice of bread.

It should go without saying that if you’re not fully removing the poop from the back door then all the harmful bacteria is still around as well! If the bacteria are still around and you need to wipe 3+ times you had better be VERY thorough when washing your hands after EVERY bathroom use.

How many readers looking on right now can honestly claim they wash their hands after EVERY bathroom use, 100% of the time, even while at home? Statistics on the subject would prove otherwise in one of the largest surveys ever done on the subject.

Around 60% of women and only 38% of men can say they wash their hands after using the bathroom.(1)

If you want the full, nasty breakdown of the survey, check out the link. (1)

Aside from good butt hygiene, bidets can provide a unique health and hygiene advantage to female users as well. Women can find a bidet extremely helpful especially during their menstrual cycle, because this allows her to cleanse herself thoroughly during that time. Women can benefit from using a bidet because toilet paper is irritating to your skin which can cause infections, abrasions and small cuts.

The more that you use toilet paper, the more irritation there will be. Literally, the friction from the toilet paper is what’s causing your discomfort.

We’re not through here yet folks! We’ve discussed issues on the back end but what about the front door? Sure, the typical target of the bidet spray is going to be reaching the hind quarters appropriately but did you know bidets can even assist with urinary tract infections or UTIs?

If you have ever had a bladder infection in your life, then you know they are excruciatingly painful and can cause a whole lot of discomfort until they are eliminated. UTIs are capable of affecting both men and women and the biggest cause for this type of infection is simply not keeping your downstairs area clean enough. You can’t have a party without a clean lobby.

If you are dealing with a UTI and you feel that this might be your problem, then it is time to consider the benefits of a bidet.

So now that you’re up to date with this butt spraying stuff how can you go about getting yourself a sweet bidet? We’re pretty partial to BioBidet for obvious reasons.

Just hit up where we have over 20 variations available. On a budget and freaked out over the stories of bidet units that are thousands of dollars? BioBidet has 7 units that are under $100. There’s no breaking the bank when it comes to providing people with a cleaner butt. However, the power is in your hands!

No one will wipe your ass for you!

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