Bio Bidet Bottom Line Study: Families Fear Back To School Run on Toilet Paper

Americans Say They’re Concerned About Additional Expense and Admit to Stealing TP

CRYSTAL LAKE, Ill. -- AUGUST 27, 2020 -- Bio Bidet, the leader in smart bidet seats and bidet attachments, today announced the results of its “Bio Bidet Bottom Line Study.”  Bio Bidet discovered American families are bracing for an all-out assault on their bathrooms this year due to many children staying home instead of going back to school while their parents are working from home. One in two Americans say their bathroom will see at least five more additional visits with kids and adults at home all day. One in three Americans (32.9%) believe they will see as many as five to 10 extra bathroom visits a day and some expect more than 20 additional visits.

Americans expect toilet paper usage to shoot up. In fact, 99% of Americans say they are using more toilet paper than ever before. With children and parents staying home, 60% of Americans are expecting to use as many as five additional rolls per week. More than a fourth (26%) are expecting to use five to 10 extra rolls per week. Meanwhile, 8% are expecting to use 11 to 15 rolls per week, 3% are planning to use an additional 16 to 20 rolls per week, and a slightly smaller percentage expects to require a whopping 20 extra rolls per week.

A majority of Americans (64%) are concerned about the extra money they will need to invest on toilet paper.  Nearly a quarter (24.3%) of Americans will spend $20 or more a week on toilet paper, sending $1,040 a year down the drain. More than one in three Americans (35.7%) revealed that they have actually stolen toilet paper.

Four out of every 10 Americans (41.3%) say they are planning on buying a bidet to curtail this messy state of affairs. The most popular place to install a bidet is the main bathroom, followed by the guest bath, and then the kids’ bathroom.

Americans admit there would be challenges in getting their children to use a bidet. The survey suggests that the most common reason is because kids would find bidets funny. This is followed by the response “it would be messy.” Yet nearly a quarter of American adults (23.8%) believe it wouldn’t be a problem, saying that their kids are smart. 

"When it comes to budgeting this year, the term bottom line has never been more apt,” said James Amburgey, marketing director at Bio Bidet. “American family budgets are being squeezed harder than Charmin, as many parents and children stay home during the back to school season. If every family installed a bidet, we estimate they would save at least a thousand dollars each per year, meaning it would pay for itself within the first couple of months.”

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