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Bathroom Alternatives – Attachable bidets

I used to use only toilet paper, but after seeing a bidet in my mother-in-laws home my interest was perked. After using it I decided that I was missing out if I didn’t get one for my home. After I started using my bidet I can’t really remember what it was like before one. I don’t remember feeling this clean before.

The attachable bidet is a wonderful modern alternative to the traditional bidet, which sits alone as a separate fixture. With an attachable bidet, you’ll also find a whole suite of new features that you can take advantage of. Bidet toilet seats are available in both economical and high end models. For some users, a basic bidet will be all they need. If your primary concern is personal hygiene and you’re on a limited budget, there’s no need to go for all the bells and whistles. For other users however, the finer features of these attachable bidets may be a very welcome bonus.

The main function of a bidet is to provide a cleansing stream of water for the genital area after bowel movements. However, another common feature on the attachable bidet is a feminine cleansing option. This may use a separate nozzle to cleanse the feminine genitals. This is especially useful during a woman’s menstrual cycle or after childbirth. An aerated water stream is available in many models to provide a gentler cleansing with less force. On the opposite end of the spectrum, modes may also offer a powerful focused stream, or pulsating stream, for a thorough cleaning. A separate kids’ function is ideal for homes where children use the bidet.

Another feature to consider when you’re shopping for an attachable bidet is a heated toilet seat. Many bidet toilet seats offer this feature. A heated seat can make it more comfortable to use the restroom. This feature is also ideal for individuals who may be suffering from constipation or hemorrhoids. The more time you spend using the bidet, the more comfortable you’ll want this seat to be. Heated seats always have a safe maximum temperature so you never have to worry about the seat getting too warm or being hot enough to burn anyone. This feature is purely for comfort.

Other features you may find in an attachable bidet include the following:

  • Self-cleaning
  • Deodorizing spray
  • Heated air dryer
  • Hydraulic seat
  • Wireless remote control
  • Massage cleaning
  • Anterior and posterior settings
  • Wide cleaning settings
  • Power saving function
  • Night light

The power saving function is a feature for people who are worried about constant electricity running through the bidet. When you turn on the power saving function the bidet will stop heating the seat and the water, until someone comes and sits down on the bidet. Some power saving functions may even not warm the water or seat at all. It just all depends on the preference of the user.

Before you decide on a bidet toilet seat, take the time to consider all of these advanced functions. A household with children may find the lighted seat very useful. A self-cleaning bidet is ideal for busy families. With so many options, there’s sure to be an attachable bidet that suits any individual or family.