Personal Hygiene - Understanding the Contamination Potential of Fecal Matter

Bidet – Personal Hygiene

Waste is a fact of life for every animal on the planet. Part of processing food and water is the fact that there will be some by-products of the process. In humans, this waste comes out in the form of urine and feces. Fecal matter contains a wide range of bacteria and other microbes. They are natural to the digestion process. However, fecal matter contamination is a major issue, even in developed nations like the US and the UK. Understanding this reality will help you understand why personal hygiene is so important to prevent contamination. Bidets are a great way to begin.

E. coli comes in both good and bad forms. Many good forms are part of the entire intestinal tract. They help break down food and help the body absorb nutrients. However, a few forms of E. coli are harmful. Recent outbreaks with E. coli O104.H4 have shown how easy this microbe can spread. Seeds from Egypt can carry the bacteria to fields in Germany where plants grown can carry the microbe to people throughout Europe. That is how virulent some strains are. Personal hygiene is the start of preventing such outbreaks. Using a bidet is a start. You can keep your perianal area clean and keep the chances of contamination out of the equation.

Yersinia is a group of microbes with a well-deserved bad reputation. Y. pestis causes plague. That is what wiped out 1/3 of Europe’s population in the 14th century. Y. enterocolitica causes a disease called Yersiniosis. It causes fever, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. It can mimic appendicitis. Y. pseudotuberculosis causes some symptoms quite similar to tuberculosis. There may be some connection with this strain of bacteria in association with Crohn’s disease and with some reactive arthritis strains. Personal hygiene takes on more importance when you think about this.

Salmonella is not something to mess with. This bacterium has close ties with typhoid fever, and food-borne illness. While many adults can handle a salmonella infection, children, the elderly and ill persons can become quite sick with such an infection. It can in fact be fatal in some cases. It can cause severe diarrhea that leads to further complications. It is important to take personal hygiene measures to minimize the spread of all these microbes. Using an attachable bidet will help you do just that. Keeping your hands out of the area of contamination is a start.

You are dealing with a major medical condition like Crohn’s disease or IBS, then using natural treatments will help. A bidet is an excellent option. It will help you get rid of the impacted stool while also alleviating the inflamed tissues that can create further problems. Bathing the perianal area with warm water will also keep you feeling clean. That can help the mental part of the healing process.