Do Air Purifiers Help with Allergies?

Air purifiers are one tool in allergy sufferers’ arsenal to reduce symptoms. Even the best air purifications systems can’t remove everything floating in the air, but if you’re allergic to most pollen, dust, and pet dander, the right air purifier might be exactly what you need to breathe better year-round.

How Do Air Purifiers Help with Allergies?

Most air purifiers work by using a fan to pull in air and push it through a filter. That filter is given a rating based on how efficiently it can trap particles of a certain size. These Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values, or MERVs, are rated 1-16, with a rating of 10-16 recommended for allergy sufferers.

When looking at air purifiers to reduce your allergy symptoms, the real question is what you want to filter out. Allergens like pollen and dust particles are both tiny, but they are slightly different sizes. Allergen size, most often measured in microns, will determine what sort of filter is most effective in removing those particles from the air in your home.

Air purifiers can only filter what is in the air, which means they eliminate smaller particles that can stay airborne longer. Once an allergen settles on your clothes, furniture, or another surface, you’ll need to dust or sweep to get it cleaned up.

Find The Best Air Purifier for What You’re Allergic To

Getting an air purifier for cat allergies might result in slightly different needs than someone buying an air purifier for pollen allergies. The particle size of each allergen is most efficiently trapped by specific filters.

Air Purifier for Pet Allergies

For both cat allergies and dog allergies, choosing an air purifier with a high-efficiency particular air filter (HEPA) filter is a must. AHEPA filter removes at least 99.7% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and other airborne particles. This includes most pet dander, which means you’ll breathe in dramatically few particles from your furry friends.

Air Purifier for Mold

If you live in a damp climate, indoor mold is a common problem. Mold particles can be very irritating for allergy sufferers. An air purifier with a HEPA filter is the best solution for removing mold particles from the air, but it’s best to address the root cause of mold. Clean and remove mold often whenever you see it and consider using a dehumidifier to better regulate your home’s humidity.

Air Purifier for Pollen

Tree, grass, and flower pollen are the most common causes of seasonal allergies. Through spring, summer, and well into fall, allergy sufferers may experience peaks and valleys in their symptoms as different plant species bloom. If this sounds like you, an air purifier with a HEPA filter is a great way to reduce your allergy problems, along with frequent cleaning, dusting, and keeping windows closed whenever possible to prevent outdoor pollen from getting in your home.

What About Air Purifiers for Pathogens?

While they’re not allergens, bacteria and viruses are often passed through the air. At home, this can be a bigger problem for families with many guests or kids, making it easier to communicate disease. Air purifiers can reduce the amount of some bacteria, but for viruses, more technology is required.

Ionization, for example, is an air purification process that emits negatively charged ion particles that attract and bond with the positively charged airborne particles that can cause illness. This neutralizes the particle and removes it from the air. This type of air purifier is more popular for individuals with a compromised immune system or health issues.

So, Do Air Purifiers Really Help with Allergies?

They sure do! It’s important to remember that having an air purifier may not be enough to relieve your allergy symptoms. Make sure you have an air filter designed to trap the specific allergen that triggers your symptoms. Be sure to check all the other boxes you need to feel well; that checklist may include following a regular cleaning schedule and taking any allergy medications prescribed by your doctor.

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