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Do Bidets Need Electricity

Do Bidet Toilets Need Electricity? 

Bidet toilets – all-in-one bidet-and-toilet combos – do require electricity. Our Prodigy Smart Toilet is an example of an electric-powered bidet toilet.  

Bidet seats simply replace your toilet seat – While most require electricity, some models such as the Slim Zero are non-electric. 

Bidet attachments connect to your existing toilet, on the other hand, are non-electric and need only to be connected to a water source in order to operate properly  


Electric Bidets 

There are two main types of electric bidets we sell: bidet toilets and bidet seats 

Bidet toilets are an all-in-one bidet-and-toilet combo that replace your entire toilet. 

Bidet seats attach to your existing toilet and replace the current seat. Most require an electrical outlet. Electric bidet seats are easy to install and simple to operate while providing a variety of features. Our Discovery DLS is an example of a bidet seat that requires electricity to use.  


Benefits of Electric Bidets 

Bidets that require electricity offer more features than non-electric bidets. A few features of electric bidets include heated seats, adjustable water temperature, automatic wash settings, night-lights, automatic open and close lid, and warm air dryers . Electric bidets will elevate your bathroom and provide a much more comfortable experience.  


Non-Electric Bidets 

Bidet attachments are a non-electric option that attach to your current toilet, under the seat. They are simple to use and operate while providing a satisfying wash. Bidet attachments are a budget-friendly option that are easy to install and connect to your existing plumbing. Our SlimGlow bidet attachment is an example of a non-electric bidet option. 


Benefits of Non-Electric Bidets 

Bidet attachments are the perfect option for anyone interested in trying a bidet without breaking the bank. While their features may not be as advanced as electric bidets, they still offer everything one needs to get the job doneSome of the features they offer include adjustable pressure and spray pattern options. 


Install a Bidet! 

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