Enema – Warm is better than Cold Any Day

When it comes to having an enema, warm water is always better than cold water. You are especially sensitive in this area. When you put cold water into this sensitive area, it will cause things to clinch in reaction. If you have an attachable bidet with an enema attachment, you can get warm water instead of cold. Enemas are great for treating various medical symptoms and conditions like constipation and hemorrhoids. Many doctors recommend regular enemas with those who have certain medical conditions of the gastrointestinal tract.

Using a bidet with an enema attachment will make the shock a lot less. The bidets that have this attachment most often come with variable water temperature control. That means you can select water that is warm and comfortable. The warmth will soothe any irritation or inflammation in the area. It will also relax the muscles in and around the anal opening. All of this can be quite relaxing for some people. Many alternative health practitioners recommend regular enemas to get great colon health. However, using this method too often can cause some problems. You do not want the colon to become dependent on the rush of warm water in order to signal for a bowel movement.

You can use an enema when you have a bad case of constipation. Enemas will help soften the impacted stool up in the colon. You will need a bidet that offers an enema attachment to make this happen. The warm water will fill the lower colon and help get the stool ready to move. The pressure of the water will also help trigger the bowel movements necessary to expel the material. It is a great way to relieve a temporary case of constipation. Of course, if you have ongoing issues, it is best to see a doctor.

You can use an enema to help heal hemorrhoids. This condition happens when the tissues inside and outside the anal opening become inflamed. The warm water will help soothe the inflammation and make passing stools easier. It will also clean the area without requiring the use of scratchy toilet paper. That will help keep the inflammation under control as well. Many times hemorrhoids also include aggravated skin. The warm water will help those areas heal. Warm water works wonders in many areas of the genital and rectal areas. You will find that having this option will make you quite happy.