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Getting Relief From A Urinary Tract Infection With A Bidet Toilet Seat

A urinary tract infection is a type of infection that is caused by bacteria entering the urethra and travelling to the bladder. This type of urinary infection can be caused by a number of different causes which may include, but is not limited to, diabetes, not enough water intake, sex, and the use of a Foley catheter. Foley catheters can be one of the main causes of bacteria entering the urethra. Because it is inserted into the bladder there is a higher chance that a re-occurring bladder infection will result. Foley catheters are a special urinary tube that helps to drain urine from the bladder when a person is in an unresponsive state, or who suffers from incontinence, paralysis, or a disability.

Intermittent catheters unlike Foley catheters can be a better alternative to bladder drainage and reducing the risk of an infection from starting or occurring. An intermittent urinary catheter is a temporary urinary drainage tube that is usually inserted into the urethra and stays in the bladder until it has been completely emptied of urine. Once the bladder is empty the catheter is removed until it is required again at a later date.

For people who suffer from urinary tract infections it can be painful and uncomfortable. Although men can suffer from these infections, the majority of sufferers tend to point towards women due to certain conditions including pregnancy, the menstrual cycle, and hormonal changes. Some of the symptoms of a urinary tract infection may be burning when urinating, frequent urination with little excretion, a heavy feeling in the stomach or lower abdomen, fever, chills, nausea, and bad smelling or cloudy urine.

There are many different things that can help to reduce the severity of a urinary tract infection such as medication, cranberry juice, prescribed antibiotics, and the use of a bidet toilet seat. An electric bidet toilet seat is a hands free toilet solution that uses the spray of directed water to clean the genital areas without the need for toilet paper. The use of a bidet seat attachment can prove beneficial for sufferers of a urinary tract infection because it is able to offer a much better genital cleaning experience without having to have a shower or a bath. Because these toilet seats are designed to directly wash the affected areas, they can help to reduce the risk of bacteria from building up and entering the urethra.

People who use a Foley catheter may also find these electronic bidets more helpful in reducing their urinary tract infection because of the easiness of cleaning the area in a hands free solution. Because of the genital differences, women may benefit more from using an electronic bidet seat than men mainly because the genitalia is more exposed allowing for a cleaner washing experience that can easily remove more bacteria.

Women and men who use a urinary catheter, whether external or indwelling, should always keep a high level of cleanliness to ensure a urinary tract infection doesn’t occur or reoccur regularly. If you suspect you have a urinary tract infection it may be best to seek help from your doctor, especially if you are experiencing a raised temperature or severe pain.

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